Roger Federer, importance of children, parents and Nadal in his career

Roger Federer, importance of children, parents and Nadal in his career

For many interviews coming out these days, Roger Federer He never ceases to surprise us with his deep reflections and his sincere secrets about his sporting career. The Swiss spoke at length about many aspects of his life these days, paying particular attention to his knee and the retirement process. However, in a conversation with, he also looks further ahead and begins to x-ray his success from different angles. One of them is the influence of his four children in his sporting career, as well as the way his parents dealt with his strong character as a child. In addition, it was possible to refer to his relationship with Raphael Nadalwith whom he maintains a solid and true friendship of which both seem very proud.

Reasons that precipitated its withdrawal and how the process was designed

“It’s true that when I went to Wimbledon, I said we would see each other the following year. There I was still trying, but two weeks later I realized that I had reached a limit and that I could not continue. Also, I had a negative result of a scanner which rushed everything. The first moments were of sadness, of great emotion, I felt that everything I knew of my life was falling apart. But soon, Mirka made me see that it was the beginning of a new stage and that I was going to be able to fully enjoy family life and new challenges. My biggest concern is not to not lose that unique connection with the fans,” he said.

Competition experience with several generations

“It was impressive to be able to play against players from very different eras. When I started I had to play against Sampras and Agassi, then I played against players like Hewitt, Safin, Roddick or Ferrero. I was a kind of bridge between all these players then Novak and Rafa, with whom I shared great battles. The truth is that if I had to choose a moment, I would say my debut because it was incredible to share a dressing room with those who were my idols, to prove myself against real legends,” commented Roger. “I think we have pushed tennis in the right direction. Personally, I have always stayed true to myself and seeing how much people have liked my tennis is the greatest compliment I can receive.”

Influence of fatherhood on his tennis career

“The twins were born right after we regained number 1. As you know, Mya and Charlene came into our lives in 2009 and there were two years that I didn’t win a Grand Slam. The truth is that of those years I only remember changing nappies, bathing girls and being a father,” he said before referring to the birth of twins, Leo and Lenny, in 2014. “His birth changed the foundations of our whole lives. Going on tour with four children was quite an adventure, I went from big favorite to challenger and I loved this role. I was thirsty for titles. I did not plan to not traveling with the kids because that would have meant retiring. Really, I could have retired many years ago, but Mirka and I took on the challenge of traveling with the family so I could carry on.” explained Federer.

The keys to his friendship with Rafael Nadal

“The truth is that we have always been connected, I think our relationship is based on mutual respect, we have managed to naturalize our rivalry and have a very normal relationship, despite the many battles we have fought. The magnificent connection they had was fundamental for our families and work teams. We always knew how to keep a cool head in the tense moments of the competition and that allowed us to have a very good friendship for so many years”, a- he declared. Roger Federer.

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