Sabalenka: ‘In the next semi-final I will be much stronger’

Sabalenka: ‘In the next semi-final I will be much stronger’

The years pass and the time has not come Aryna Sabalenka. We see her staying in the top 10, we see her competing on the WTA Tour, but that first Grand Slam title that many of us predicted a few seasons ago isn’t over. Not even this first final, since for the second consecutive year, he was one step away from fighting for the conquest of the U.S. Open.

The Belarusian equaled Each Swiatek, it must be recognized, until his mental fragility prevented him from keeping his pulse in the last two games of the third set. Another train that passed through her station, so she will have to keep fighting in 2023. During her farewell press conference, the Mins native didn’t dare take off her sunglasses to hide the pain of the defeat, although she removed strength from weakness to answer questions.

sadness after defeat

“How should I feel now?” Clearly not very well. The match was decided on a handful of points, but she played very well in the key moments, she did well”.

Swiatek’s reaction in the second set

“Iga is a player who is constantly looking for her game, she was trying to hit every ball to put pressure on me, playing very aggressively all the time. I think I especially gave her a lot of chances in the first games of the second. set but as soon as he was leading 2-0 he was already on the run to go I could only fight to turn things around She started playing with less pressure on her and more pressure on me By playing so aggressively she managed to stay in the game which was a mistake on my part, I should have gone.”

Fourth consecutive defeat against Iga

“I don’t think they affected me much, in the three games we played at the start of the season I was a different player, I wasn’t the same as today. At that She was a player trying to survive without her serve, without her game. those three previous games because I knew I wasn’t the same anymore and I couldn’t change that either. Today I was fighting for other things, I had a lot of opportunities, but I didn’t take advantage of it.”

A Resurrection Tournament

“I think I can take positive things from this experience, positive things from this tournament after such a difficult year. When I came here to the US Open, I didn’t really expect to get any wins, but I did. I suddenly started playing better, now I feel like I have to keep going, keep trying, keep fighting, keep giving my best. That way, I think things will get better. If it’s not this year, next year I’ll be ready for anything.”

Second semi-final at the US Open

“At the moment, I don’t think about anything related to last year, although my team has told me on occasion, that I should be proud of myself, of what I have achieved. the last few months. But I don’t feel that, I feel like in the three Grand Slam semi-finals that I played, I had a lot of opportunities, but I didn’t take advantage of them. “I guess I try to think everything happens for a reason, I guess that will make me really strong. I guess in the next semi-final I’ll be a lot stronger as a player.”

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