Sampras answers the big question: “Nadal or Novak?”

Sampras answers the big question: “Nadal or Novak?”

Pete Sampras, tennis legend and winner of 14 major tournaments, considered Rafa Nadal “mentally, the best player” he had ever seenalthough he admitted that it is “very difficult” to determine who is the number one of all time, since between the Spaniard and Novak Djokovic it would be like choosing between “a Ferrari or a Lamborghini”.

“Everything (Nadal) does is exceptional. Roger (Federer) and I had a period of dominance on grass, but to win the same big 14 times is unbelievable. And mentally, what a player! Probably the best I’ve ever seen“, Assessed Sampras, in an interview published this Saturday in the magazine L’Équipe.

However, for the American, now 51 and a golfer, to answer who is the best tennis player of all time “is impossible”.

Novak has done amazing things over the last ten years, he has good numbers against most players, is the one who holds the record of permanence as number 1. He won everywhere. He has all the records except the Grand Slam,” he said.

Sampras admitted his disbelief that his record of 14 majors was broken by three players. (Federer, Nadal and Djokovic) in the space of 17 years. “In my time, we retired at almost 30 years old. Mentally, I couldn’t take it anymore at 31 (…) To have been so constant for so many years. They are monsters in this sport.”

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Of the three, the tennis player assumed he was closest to Federerbecause he has a personality close to yours.

“With Novak, I have already had dinner and we talk to each other from time to time. And With Rafa, even though we haven’t spent a lot of time together, I have a lot of respect for everything he has achieved.“, he pointed out.

Sampras also spoke about how tennis has changed since the 1990s, when it had its golden age fueled by a historic rivalry with André Agassi, and welcomed the fact that there is now more talk of health. mental, although he warned of the evil of social networks. that they come through mobile phones.

“If I was active today, I would send the mobile to the sea. It is an anxiety-generating device. It works if you get lost in the pampas, otherwise it leaves you vulnerable and accessible ( …) Today, children have one at ten years old. It can influence mental health“, he finished.

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