Santos Laguna’s most beautiful fan, Irela Torres conquers Instagram | PICTURES

Santos Laguna’s most beautiful fan, Irela Torres conquers Instagram | PICTURES

From Torreón, Coahuila, young Iela Torres was declared as the most beautiful fan of the bone Santos Lagoon, of the Mexican soccer league. This, after the thousands of comments on each photograph that he shares on his instagram profile where he celebrates his charisma, his spectacular figure and for being a pillar of the Lagunero team.

The young man from La Laguna has more than 300,000 followers on the social network Instagram, where proposals to model or work in advertising campaigns constantly fall. Irela Torres he has well documented his daily life upload stories, photos and videos where you show your passion for Mexican soccer, her outfits such as tight jeans, low-cut tops, and the sporty look she uses to shape her figure in every exercise routine at the gym.

The young lagoon has more than 300,000 followers on Instagram. Photo: @irela_torres

From home, take selfies with the Santos Laguna jersey and writing messages of support on social media is like Irela Torres shows his passion for the team in his region, which is currently is in fourth position of the general table, only under the tuzos of the Pachucathe stripes of Monterrey and the eagles America.

Even in the bathroom, Irela wears her Santos shirt. Photo: @irela_torres

Iela Torres is disciplined in every routine at the gym

The young inhabitant of the city of Torreón he wastes no time going to the gym, it can be seen in every story and photo he uploads to Instagram where show your steel bellystrong and shapely legs, as well as a wasp waist.

For every day you go to the gym, Irela Torres wears tight sportswear to execute routines properly, he loads weights, does cardio, and exercises focused on toning and strength. Without a doubt, the Lagunera influencer knows what she wants to achieve an outrageous body.

Irela spends hours in the gym to achieve an abdomen of steel. Photo: @irela_torres
Irela is popular on the Instagram network. Photo: @irela_torres
Irela can’t take off her Santos shirt. Photo: @irela_torres


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