Seahawks name Geno Smith starting quarterback for Week 1

Seahawks name Geno Smith starting quarterback for Week 1

Head coach Pete Carroll has revealed the name of the quarterback who will launch the post-Russell Wilson era in Seattle.

The bone Seattle Seahawks decided which one strategist will face his former quarterback when Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos visit Lumen Field for Monday Night Football of the Week 1 next September 12.

Yes, Geno Smith are incumbent in the NFL once again.

Head Coach Pete Carroll made the announcement, deciding the battle of strategists of Seattle in favor of Black-smith above Drew Lock after the sea ​​hawks they ended the preseason with a 27-26 loss to the Dallas Cowboys. He informed the team in the locker room and then communicated his decision to the press.

“He’s going to start in Game 1,” Carroll said. “He earned it. He earned the job.”

Throughout, Carroll pointed out that Black-smith he edged out Lock, repeatedly pointing out how Wilson’s former replacement had the upper hand in terms of understanding coordinator Shane Waldron’s offense. Lock already had a rough ride when he missed Game 2 of the preseason with COVID-19, then had a mixed performance against Dallas with a perfect touchdown pass, but also threw three interceptions, two of which were entirely his fault.

Asked about his decision to play with Black-smithCarroll said the 10-year veteran continues to earn the right to be up front.

“We really put him up against the competition and Drew was on top of him the whole time,” Carroll said. “These guys, they got on really well, they supported each other at all times. They really couldn’t have done better and with great class, like great competitors. They know they need each other others and all that, and they did well.

“But GenoHe knows our business, he does it very well, he understands, he can handle everything we do and he is good at football. This will give us the best opportunity to play great football from the start.”

For Lock, this is the second consecutive summer that he has lost a battle for the position of strategist.

As for Black-smithIt’s another chance to be strategist incumbent after struggling early in his career, as well as an infamous locker room incident in which he suffered a broken jaw, which eventually relegated him to a substitute role for most of the last seven seasons.

“It means a lot,” he said. Black-smith. “I’m pretty sure it’s something I prepared for and it’s really just the first step. It’s just the beginning. I have to make sure I’m ready to go there. , to win, to play 17 games and more. I’m grateful, always I will be indebted to the organization of the Seattle sea ​​hawksBut it’s time to go to work.

Black-smith signed with Seattle in 2019, he was Wilson’s backup for three seasons and re-signed with the team in April on a one-year, $3.5 million contract. He has a 13-21 record in his career as incumbentincluding a 12-18 record in his four seasons with the New York Jets, who drafted him in the second round in 2013. Black-smith it went 1-2 last season when Wilson was sidelined with a finger injury.

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