Seattle vs Dallas LIVE today (26-27) | 08/26/2022

Seattle vs Dallas LIVE today (26-27) | 08/26/2022

22:32 a day ago

Game over

Seattle 26-27 Dallas

22:17 a day ago

4C – 02:00

two minute break

21h35 ago

end of third trimester

Seattle 20-20 Dallas

21:25 a day ago

3C – 02:00

Dallas’ touchdown ties the game.

21:13 a day ago

3C – 05:00

The marker does not move and Dallas misses the offensive series.

21:09 a day ago

3C – 09:10

Seattle touchdown extends 20-10 score

20:41 a day ago

half time

Seattle 13-10 Dallas

20h35 ago

2C – 1:15

Dallas Touchdown, Cowboys score before halftime 13-10.

20:29 a day ago

2C – 2:00

Two-minute break.

20h15 ago

2C – 05:23

Seattle responds with another field goal to extend its lead (13-3).

20:03 a day ago

2C – 10:07

Dallas scores its first points with a field goal (10-3).

19:51 a day ago

end of first trimester

Seattle 10-0 Dallas.

19:42 a day ago

1C – 3:46

Seattle’s touchdown extends the 10-0 lead.

19:37 a day ago

1C – 6:30 a.m.

Dallas intercepts the ball after having made a poor offensive series.

19:27 a day ago

1C – 10:00

Seattle’s field goal opens the score 3-0

19:11 a day ago

1C – 14:15

Dallas makes great progress with a pass to Ferguson and will be 1-and-10 at the 50-yard line.

19:07 a day ago

start of game

The game begins and it will be Dallas who will have the first possession of the game.

18:50 a day ago

All ready

Everything is ready for the start of the game, the stage, the fans and the players are ready for the start of this game last week towards the kickoff of the NFL.

18:45 a day ago

Grand Entrance

With 30 minutes until kickoff, there is a big crowd at At&t Stadium, the biggest crowd in Dallas, but there are also fans who have made the trip from Seattle to support their team.

18:40 a day ago

Receiver Metcalf will be one of the players to watch

18:35 a day ago

The teams are already warming up

Both teams are already going out to warm up, they are preparing for the start of the game, it is expected that many headlines will be seen in this game as it is the last of the pre-season.

18:30 a day ago

matches today

Today there will be in addition to this match the meetings Carolina vs Bills, Saints vs Chargers and Raiders vs New England.

18:25 a day ago

This is what the At&t stadium looks like

18:20 a day ago


Fans of both teams are already arriving at At&t Stadium, starting to take their seats for what should be a big game in the final week of pre-season.

18:15 a day ago

Don’t leave here to follow Seattle Seahawks vs. Dallas Cowboys live from the 2022 NFL preseason

In a few moments, we’ll share the Seattle Seahawks vs. Dallas Cowboys starting rosters live on Date 3 of the 2022 NFL preseason, in addition to the latest information from At&t Stadium. Do not miss any detail of the match with minute by minute and live online from VAVEL.

18:10 a day ago

Where and how to watch Seattle Seahawks vs Dallas Cowboys live online NFL 2022 preseason

18:05 a day ago

At&t Stadium

It is the stadium of the Dallas cowboys, it is one of the newest stadiums in the NFL, it has a capacity of 80,000 spectators and was inaugurated on May 27, 2009, it is also the stadium with the biggest screen in the entire NFL, will be the stage where Seattle and Dallas face off in the final game of the preseason.

18:00 a day ago

Dallas: to close in the best possible way

For their part, the Dallas Cowboys arrive with a record of one game won and one game lost (1-1), they will seek to end the pre-season with victory and gain confidence before facing their first game of the regular season.

17:55 a day ago

Seattle Seahawks: To get out of the losing streak

The Seattle Mariners were unable to win preseason with an 0-2 record, first falling 32-25 against Pittsburgh and then dropping 11-27 against Chicago, so they want to come out of the bad. streak before the start of the regular season.

17:50 a day ago


The antecedents lean for Seattle since on the last 10 games, the mark indicates 6 wins for Seattle and 4 wins for Dallas, so tomorrow the cowboys will be favorites to win the last game of the NFL preseason.

17:45 a day ago

Watch out for this Dallas player

17:40 a day ago

Watch out for this Seattle player

17:35 a day ago

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