Serena Williams considers Hamilton the best and he responds

Serena Williams considers Hamilton the best and he responds

Lewis Hamilton said that growing up, sisters Serena and Venus Williams became an inspiration to him.

The world of tennis awaits United States Open (US Open) before the warning of the multiple Grand Slam winner, Serena Williamsthat this could be his last tournament, a situation that shocked the sports world and garnered a lot of media attention.

The magazine Time released a video interview with the American tennis player, seen with her sister Venus Williams the women who changed the normal within the sport, not only because of their power with the racquet, setting a new dynamic in the game, but also because they broke the racial barrier.

During the conversation with the media, one of the questions was: who was your best ever? For Williams, the answer was Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time world champion, whom he considers an example not only on the tracks, but also off for his social struggles and with whom he has a close relationship.

What Williams did not know was that for the Mercedes driver, the two tennis sisters became a source of inspiration during the development of his career in motorsport, crossing borders and becoming not only an example of success for women, but also for a budding pilot. Formula 1.

“They were the two sports personalities that inspired me the most,” Hamilton told Time, where he credited seeing two African-American tennis players succeeding gave him greater confidence that his dream of reach F1 could be achieved.

Tennis players Venus and Serena Williams in the pit lane

Photo by: Jerry André / Motorsport Images

“Especially growing up in my sport, where I’m the only person of color, seeing these two prominent people, also the only people of color, has really given me a lot of confidence that I can do something similar. This doesn’t is not impossible.” times world champion.

Hamilton’s name was mentioned by Serena Williams before other personalities she recognized as LeBron James or golfer Tiger Woodsof which he said “they’re amazing”, before concluding with a sentence: “you can’t start this conversation (of the greatest of all time) without naming the original, Michael Jordan”.

Hamilton also took the opportunity on his social media to thank Serena for naming him before the others with a simple word that says it all: “Honored”.

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