Serena Williams retires with a fortune of 260 million

Serena Williams retires with a fortune of 260 million

EFE.- Serena Williams closes the curtain. She has been the most dominant tennis player of the past 20 years, on and off the court. She has a fortune valued by ‘Forbes’ at $260 million and is the only athlete included in the list of the 100 richest women in the world. Her company, “Serena Ventures,” has a portfolio of 60 companies. Cryptocurrencies, food, psychology, sports franchises. Thus the American legend is reversed.

With his charisma, he changed the history of tennis. He broke social and athletic barriers and the humble Californian town of Compton rose to the roof of the world. He will leave tennis with 23 “big” and 73 titles. To his innate sporting talent, he adds a nose for business, being one of the most coveted personalities by brands, even in a period when he has been far from the tracks.

In collaboration with Nike, the firm that accompanied her during most of her sporting successes, she designed a special kit with hundreds of diamonds and shoes with 1.5 carat gold details with the writing ‘Queen ‘, ‘Mama’ and the initials ‘SW’. Special clothes and shoes to face what will be the last US Open of his career, as he hinted in a recent interview.

At 40, he offered a new example of his tireless competitive spirit last Wednesday, by winning an extraordinary victory against Anett Kontaveit, world number two, to extend his career in New York. Serena doesn’t want to talk about ‘retirement’, but about ‘evolving’, a process that will see her focus on her family, her five-year-old daughter, Olympia, and ‘Serena Ventures’.

Three-quarters of the companies Serena invests in are founded by women or people of color.r, according to official data. The American legend recently acknowledged that he enjoys chasing ‘unicorns’, referring to his willingness to go off the rails and not homologate.

Thus, it has invested in ‘Zigazoo’, the largest social network for children in the world, in ‘Nestcoin’, active in the field of crypto-currencies, ‘Infinite Objects’, specialized in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), ‘Esusu’, a consulting company that helps improve credit, as well as plant-based meat products ‘Impossible Foods’.

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Serena Williams retires with a fortune of 260 million

Her portfolio of businesses is worth the Wall Street Journal recently estimated at over $1 trillion, and managing those investments is already an integral part of Serena’s life.

“I get up and go to the office. Now that everything is digital, I sit around and take calls all day. When Olympia goes to school, I go to work,” he said in a recent interview with quoted media.

76% of Serena Ventures companies are owned by owners and founders who ‘lack adequate representation’. 52% of these businesses are owned by women, 47% by people of color and 12% by Latino entrepreneurs, according to data provided by Serena Ventures.

“I like to invest in companies that have credible founders. It’s about the founder, whether we like the company, whether the founder has a good story, and why he chose this company,” Serena said in a recent interview.

Always on the lookout for business opportunities, Serena was also recently part of the investor group along with Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton who submitted bids to acquire English Premier League club Chelsea.

The American supported the offer of the consortium led by Martin Broughton, former president of Liverpool and the airline British Airways, putting nearly twelve million euros on the table, even if the English club finally found itself between the hands of Todd Boehly, co-owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers franchise of Major League Baseball.

Always help those who need it most

He does, however, have odds on the Miami Dolphins of the NFL and Angel City, the women’s soccer team of the NWSL.

Beyond business, Serena has always devoted significant efforts and donations to charitable activities, also being a UNICEF ambassador and founding two schools in Kenya, in 2008 and 2010.

To this he added regular visits to low-income schools and communities to share his experience and support young people growing up in environments considered “high-risk”.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Serena has also been instrumental in providing masks for people with fewer resources.

“I’m super competitive, I see that as a ‘bonus’. I have nothing to prove, I have nothing left to gain. I have absolutely nothing to lose. Honestly, I haven’t played in these conditions since 1998,” Serena said after her latest win over Kontaveit.

He offered himself the luxury of competing out of passion for the sport and will leave him a legend.

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