Serena Williams says goodbye to Roger Federer

Serena Williams says goodbye to Roger Federer

Serena Williams went to Roger Federer making sure she is one of the “millions of people” who were inspired by the Swiss and gave the “welcome to the pensioners’ club”.

“Our backgrounds have always been very similar. You have inspired millions and millions of people – including me – and we will never forget it.“Wrote the 40-year-old American, who has just retired, on her Instagram page. .

The message addressed to the legendary Swiss player, whom “he has always respected and admired”, is accompanied by several photos illustrating the complicity between the two tennis giantssometimes smiling during a selfie, sometimes arm in arm.

Federer, winner of 20 Grand Slam titles, announced on Thursday that he will retire after competing at the Laver Cup in London next week.

Within weeks, Williams and Federer, considered by many to be the greatest players to ever compete in the sport, They announced that they were leaving the professional circuit.. Cumulatively, the “Queen of Queens” and the “Master” have won 43 Grand Slam singles titles.

Among those who praised the 41-year-old icon for his tremendous career, Williams, who has won 23 Grand Slam trophies, said he was ‘stepping away’ from tennis, with last week’s US Open likely to be his last tournament.

“I wanted to find the perfect way to say this because you leave tennis as gracefully as you conveyed in your career“Williams praised on Instagram. “I applaud you and look forward to all you do in the future. Welcome to the retirement club. And thank you for being you, Roger.“, he concluded.

Wishing the Swiss “welcome to the retired club”, the American was more explicit than ever about her own end to her career, announcing her farewell to the US Open with a “we never know”.

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