Shooting in Philadelphia: 9 people hospitalized after shooting outside a bar in Philadelphia, police said

Shooting in Philadelphia: 9 people hospitalized after shooting outside a bar in Philadelphia, police said


Authorities are looking for more people suspected of shooting into a crowd outside a Philadelphia bar Saturday night, injuring at least nine people, police said.

The incident occurred just before 11 p.m. ET in the Kensington neighborhood, First Deputy Commissioner John Stanford of Philadelphia Police Department he said at a press conference early Sunday.

“Multiple suspects” jumped out of the vehicle and opened fire on the crowd outside, Stanford said, then fled in the vehicle.

The individuals “may have spotted someone they wanted to shoot at, got out of the vehicle and just started shooting at the group of individuals that were there,” Stanford said. The police are working to establish a possible motive.

All nine adult victims were transported to a local hospital. Two of the wounded are in critical condition, and the other seven are in stable condition, Stanford said.

The shooting happened in a high-traffic area that was heavily patrolled by police on Saturday night, he said. The narcotics task force was conducting an operation further down the block earlier Saturday night, and officers from the team heard gunshots.

“We have some brash individuals in this town who don’t care. They don’t care how many police officers are here, and some of them don’t care how many people are here,” Stanford said.

At least 40 pieces of ballistic evidence were recovered, he said.

The gunmen were seen getting out of a black vehicle and police asked those in the area to help with more information. It was a warm evening with many people on the streets, and there were several businesses near the scene of the shooting, Stanford said.

“We’re going to try to collect the video and hopefully we can get some additional information as well as some surveillance video that might help us identify who is responsible for this,” he said. “This is an area that is always busy.”

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