Should Manchester United let Cristiano Ronaldo go for free now that he’s a supporting player?

Should Manchester United let Cristiano Ronaldo go for free now that he’s a supporting player?

The alternative would be to keep him until the end of his contract and hope the problems go away, but that’s likely to be an even more expensive gamble.

Life has come full circle Cristiano Ronaldo in the Manchester United, and now it’s become a drag on the team’s future prospects. It’s time for the United I let him go because the positive dividend on the pitch will sooner or later outweigh the financial cost of allowing him to leave Old Trafford for free this week.

The objectives of Ronaldo last season, 24 in 38 games, was useless, since the United finished sixth in premier league and failed to win a trophy, but the season would likely have been much worse without the 37-year-old’s contributions during a campaign that saw the team have three managers and go from crisis to crisis.

However, football is changing rapidly and, on the first anniversary of his return to United of Juventus Ronaldo he has become the man of yesterday.

The debate about whether he was the savior of the United last season, or the lightning rod of all that went wrong, will continue beyond his second stint at the club. However, after just four games in Erik ten Hag’s tenure as manager, it is clear that Ronaldo he is now a supporting player with no obvious role beyond the disgruntled substitutes’ bench.

United he has yet to show that he can live without goals of Ronaldo, with Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho, Anthony Elanga and Anthony Martial still expected to show sustained consistency up front. Antony’s €95million move from Ajax this week would help boost Ten Hag’s chances, but nonetheless, Ronaldo he remains the only striker in the team who can truly be described as a regular goalscorer.

There’s a bigger picture than Ten Hag and United must now review, and cannot include Ronaldo and its goals. In 2006, then director of the UnitedSir Alex Ferguson has made the bold move to send striker Ruud van Nistelrooy to Real Madrid, despite the Dutch international showing incredible consistency with 150 goals in 219 appearances for the club.

It was a controversial move on Ferguson’s part, but he would later reveal that Van Nistelrooy’s departure was due to the player becoming a disturbing presence in the dressing room and, in particular, holding back his young team-mate’s development. : Ronaldo.

“Ruud had started talking all the time with [el entrenador] Carlos Queiroz about RonaldoFerguson writes in his autobiography: “There were a few altercations in his last season with us, but it was mostly Van Nistelrooy over Ronaldo“.

Sixteen years later, there are similarities between the departure of Van Nistelrooy and the situation facing the United con Ronaldo. Although there is no doubt about the professionalism and ability of Ronaldosources said ESPN for several months, he has become a divisive figure within the team. His demand for the highest standards on the training ground should not be criticized, but sources said that Ronaldo could not accept that United he joined was a different world to the one he left, both in terms of the caliber of the teams and the personalities within them.

In short, he expects Harry Maguire and Rashford to behave like Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney and ignores their obvious shortcomings. When the desire Ronaldo leave the United went public in July, a source said ESPN that most of his colleagues welcomed the news with joy and that Ronaldo he had become an unloved player in the locker room.

Missing the team’s pre-season tour of Thailand and Australia for “personal reasons”, Ronaldo he was halfway around the world when Ten Hag got to work with his new team, trying to forge a sense of togetherness that had been absent last season. As soon as Ronaldo returned to action, angered his new manager by leaving Old Trafford at half-time in a pre-season game against Rayo Vallecano.

Then came the lackluster performance in the 4-0 defeat at Brentford, when Ronaldo he was as guilty as the rest of his teammates for the loss. It was his only game as a starter for Ten Hag, he has played the full 90 minutes and has registered just 153 minutes – and no goals – in four games so far this season.

Having been welcomed as a returning hero just 12 months ago, Ronaldo he is now a source of friction in the dressing room and does not offer his new manager a positive footballing reason to select him in the starting line-up. So why is he still at Old Trafford?

Above all, United he simply failed to find him a new club. Although the public position has been that Ronaldo is not available to transfer, sources said ESPN that efforts have been made to find him a club and that leaving the premier league It would be convenient for both parties. However, with a year to go and a contract worth £500,000 a week, the lack of interest in a player who turns 38 in February is hardly surprising, even if Napoli and his former side Sporting CP are the latest to be linked to a possible transfer. .

And Ronaldo If it was a cheaper proposition, clubs would no doubt be interested in signing him, so the United Now you have to make a big decision.

In recent years Arsenal have taken a financial hit by canceling the contracts of Mesut Ozil and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, along with many others, to speed up work to rebuild Mikel Arteta, and with the Gunners now sitting atop the premier league with a young and exciting team, these decisions are starting to bear fruit.

By entering into an agreement with Ronaldo, United it would give Ten Hag the same chance to clear things up and pursue his own agenda. The alternative would be to keep him until the end of his contract and hope the problems go away, but that’s likely to be an even more expensive gamble.

From a football point of view, there is only one decision that the United You can take.

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