Silverio: America is the most hateful thing in CdMx | VIDEO

Silverio: America is the most hateful thing in CdMx | VIDEO

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There is no doubt that despite the fact that Mexican football only has four teams considered excellent, there are only two that sit at a separate table: America and Chivasof which the Eagles They can boast of being the most hated team in the country, the one you only have two options for, Either you love it, or you hate it.

And in this group of animosity generated by the Coapa group, there is the musician silverioalso known as “His Imperial Majesty”who in the excerpt from an interview with Mezcal coffeeHe talks about the hatred he has for Americato which he admits that “it sucks”.

As well as confirming his dislike of Coapa’s band, Chilpancingo DJ Guerrero described the Eagles as the worst in the country’s capital and left a message for his proud supporters.

“I got really close to America because it seems to me the most detestable thing in mexico. go to America He speaks very badly of anyone,” he concluded.

Who is Silverio?

Julian Lede, better known as Silveriois a musician and DJ born in Chilpancingo but who lives in Mexico City, is famous for his ‘primitive’ generated electronic music.

The style of their concerts is usually something to likeboth by the participants and by the artist himself, who usually interact with them rudely, distributing insults but also providing a good time of fun and dancing.

In 2019, they canceled a concert at Subway Insurgents only three minutes after the start, because a lot of disorder was generated between the participants and the the atmosphere has become heavy.

He was also part of the EDC 2022 poster that was shown in Mexico City earlier this year and a few months ago he was also a guest at the Guadalajara Film Festival.


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