Steelers rookie George Pickens steals the show with a stunt

Steelers rookie George Pickens steals the show with a stunt

The Pittsburgh wide receiver hit a catch reminiscent of the spectacular Odell Beckham Jr. and his one-handed play in 2014

rookie wide receiver George Pickens was honored during the visit of the Pittsburgh Steelers to Cleveland Browns who opened the activity of the week 3 with an unlikely take that is already postulated as one of the best of the campaign that has just begun.

Peaksa second-round pick of the University of Georgiaran down the right flank before creating a separation with the cornerback of the Browns, Martin Emerson reach out with a right hand and steal a pass thrown slightly open by the quarterback Mitch Trubiskylying completely horizontal in the air during the stunt.

The catch resulted in a 36-yard drive that left the Steelers at the 18-yard line, setting up what would be the first touchdown of the game for Pittsburgh three games later, a 5 meter run of Najee Harris.

The reception of Pickenswho reached the 52-second mark in the first quarter, is very reminiscent of the spectacular catch he made Odell Beckham Jr. –so a novice with the New York Giants— for a touchdown on November 23, 2014 against the Dallas Cowboys. The biggest difference was that Beckham he caught despite extra pass interference by the defender, and it happened in the end zone. The reception of OBJ it also happened in a prime-time game.

In any case, no one can demerit what has been achieved by Pickens.

Pickens22, entered Thursday night’s game with just two receptions a year.

The 52nd overall pick in the last draft caused quite a stir this week because he was one of many players in the Steelers who offered critical statements to the offensive coordinator Matt Canada and his mastery of plays.

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