Suspect in attack on Pelosi was caught up in conspiracy theories, chief says

Suspect in attack on Pelosi was caught up in conspiracy theories, chief says

“When he was housed, he had a lot more time to spend on his computer,” Mr. Ciccarelli said. “Because when you live under a tree, you don’t have a plug. You just have a battery.”

On Saturday, the FBI raided a garage in Richmond and seized two hammers, a sword and a pair of gloves.

As he has spent more time on his computer in recent months, it seems that Mr. DePape produced a voluminous record of his political leanings — ranting about a stolen 2020 election, denying the targeting of Jews at Auschwitz, and claiming that teachers were preparing children to be transgender. He also took aim at the media in one post, arguing that any journalist who says the 2020 election was not rigged to deny former President Donald J. Trump another term “should be dragged right out into the street and shot.” Blog Mr. DePapea was registered to the Richmond address where he resided.

He has been reposting videos on right-wing topics, including ones celebrating unvaccinated people, mixed with messages about buying survival food and gold. The post on Thursday, a day before the attack on the Pelosi residence, slammed the new superhero movie “Black Adam” for its “wokism” and claimed it was an excuse to show “killing with people in all white nations.” In another post from last week, he showed an anti-Semitic video and suggested that Jews had manipulated Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, into destroying Ukraine so they could buy up her country on the cheap.

Mr. Ciccarelli, who said he was scheduled to work with Mr. DePape on Monday, said he had never heard Mr. DePape make racist comments, but said he had become increasingly isolated in recent years and wanted to work less in the carpentry shop. to work.

“He was completely caught up in the fantasy, the MAGA fantasy,” he said.

During the last few days, Mr. Ciccarelli struggled to comprehend the news about his friend. “He did a monstrous thing, but he’s not a monster,” he said. “He’s really polite, gentle – it sounds crazy to say gentle – but he was a very gentle soul. But it was going downhill. He went down the rabbit hole.”

Charlie Savage and Alan Fire contributed to the reporting.

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