Swiatek proud of its improvement

Swiatek proud of its improvement

It’s hard to imagine what’s going through Serena Williams’ head in what will likely be the last tournament of her tennis career. Each Swiatek couldn’t bear to watch more than two games of the match which pitted the American legend against Danka Kovinic in the first round of the US Open 2022. The number one ranked Pole from Poland shares her feelings at a press conference after debuting with a win over Jasmine Paolini, while explaining how she feels when she sees herself in Times Square.

Triunfo before Paolini

“I’m very happy with the performance, I feel I have a better rhythm than in Toronto and Cincinnati. I try to take advantage of it. At the start of the first set, I played pretty solid, but I needed to raise the level. I did it at the end of the second, so quite proud of it.

I have a lot more confidence to train, playing better every day. In matches, it can get worse because of the pressure, but I feel that my level has improved. We’ll see if I can hold out. It is important to play the previous tournaments to get used to the balls of this circuit”.

In Times Square

The Pole appears on the screens of the famous New York place for an advertising campaign: “I saw her in photos. I’ve been to Times Square twice in my life and it’s weird. I will enjoy it from my phone. This is probably the most popular site my face is on, it’s amazing. I like it because I remember times when it was hard for them to see me or hear me. I’m very grateful, it shows the progress on and off the track.

Serena Williams party

“I only watched the first games because I knew I was playing early today. The first games were very close. It made me tense watching it, so I realized I had to stop (laughs ). I can’t imagine how she can feel, all this atmosphere around her. This is definitely the most popular first round of a Slam. It shows how much our sport has changed and all that has been accomplished. He wears it well, as usual, another confirmation of her greatness. She’s more used to it than all of us. We’ve never received so much attention, because she’s the best ever . I was shocked just looking at it.”

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