Tata Martino lamented boos from Mexican fans after losing to Paraguay

Tata Martino lamented boos from Mexican fans after losing to Paraguay

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Given the lack of victories, the coach of the Mexican football team, Gerardo ‘Auntie’ Martinoadmitted this Wednesday evening that he feels like “public enemy number one” of the Aztec fans.

After Mexico lost 0-1 to Paraguayin a friendly match in Atlanta (United States), the Argentinian strategist he was booed again and criticized by attendees at the Mercedes Benz Stadium, as has happened in recent meetings; however, in a press conference, he said that the only thing that worries him is how it could resent his summons.

“Not just public enemy, but public enemy number one. People don’t know me, they don’t know how I am as a person, if they knew how I am as a person, that wouldn’t matter to me. surely wouldn’t happen. The big concern is what effect this has on the group of players. The team had fluidity until the Paraguay goal, because every time the players have to defend the coach and that is not good, in itself it is difficult to be a national team player and now they have to go out and defend the coach, it can’t be”

(Picture: USA Today Sports)
(Picture: USA Today Sports)

Even though the stadium shouted in unison: “Get out daddy!”commented that never thought of giving up and hopes the band can overcome this kind of criticism.

“After that game and what happened, it’s almost like I don’t care about people and the situation. I don’t think about that, it doesn’t happen to me either. We have a goal, and then there’s not a second in my life where I’ve thought about what’s going to happen after the World Cup.”

The coach pointed out that the criticism does not only come from the fans, but that the “footballers” also think about their work despite “the codes that exist in this sport”.

(Picture: USA Today Sports)
(Picture: USA Today Sports)

“I notice an environment that feels comfortable in this situation, I feel happy that a colleague loses his job. It’s an atypical situation, I’ve had good times and bad times, but listening to so many talking about footballers, there are always codes among footballers, things are said in other words, we pay more attention, especially coaches and football players, obviously that does not happen, not only with me “

“There are colleagues who worked in Mexico, I had to watch Cruz Azul matches from outside, sometimes it looked like they were happy that Diego (Aguirre) left for the fourth or fifth game. I do not have the possibility of modifying, I come from outside, we hope that the team will be recognized for playing well”, estimated the coach of FC Barcelona and the Argentina team, rival of El Tri in Group C of the Qatar World Cup 2022. Cup.

Hector Chavez, better known “Caramel’, He is one of the Habs’ best-known fans, through several World Cups he has become a loyal fan of the ‘Has’ regardless of the outcome.

On this occasion, ‘Caramelo’ intercepted Gerardo Martino in the elevator before the match, to ask him if I summoned Javier ‘Chicharito’ HernándezMLS LA Galaxy top scorer.

“Do you think there’s a chance?” and showed him the new “Tricolor” shirt with Chicharito’s name.

For ‘Tata’ it was a surprise and he answered, “Let’s see, let’s see”. To whom ‘Caramelo’ said “Possibilities are opening up, yes sir.”

Chicharito Hernández not called up by Gerardo Martino after FIFA Date September 2019 during a tour that made Mexico and where he faced the United States and Argentina.


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