Televisa defeats TV Azteca in the fight against Canelo – Sniper

Televisa defeats TV Azteca in the fight against Canelo – Sniper


What I learned from Canelo’s fight against GGG is that it didn’t reach the knees of my compadre Márquez and Pacquiao, nor the ankles of Barrera and Morales, it was historic series! Not the gibberish we prescribe to ourselves on Saturday. I’ll tell you about the note.

Televisa broke it with the National Classic and the Las Vegas trial: reach eight million in the victory of the America before Chivas and 8.5 in Álvarez’s fight against Golovkin, with whom they beat TV Azteca in the fight.

You must understand why. By Nielsen Ibope’s accounts, América-Chivas gave him a 16.2 rating to start the fight, which Televisa maintained and raised to 17.6. On the other hand, Azteca grabbed the carry of ‘My Favorite Villain’ at 7.1 and took it to 14.5 with the trial in Las Vegas! In other words, those who raised the hearing were those of Ajusco. Of course, they failed to overtake the audience. We therefore understand why those of Chapultepec did not want to sell the Classic to the Aztecs, because they needed this big boost to be able to boast of having finally won one. This is Doña Tele’s cruel game.

By the way, in the US they don’t suck their fingers and the sale of the lawsuit was weak. A mere 550,000 PPVs were sold in the neighboring country, not even half of what each of the previous fights generated: the first 1.3 million and the second around 1.1, according to journalist Dan Rafael of DAZN sources. . Obviously, the chain denies, ensuring that it was a hit. What do you think?


Well, that sounded like a great idea to me about Azteca’s last big national team ‘media day’ before the World Cup. In Los Angeles, all the tricolors, players and technical staff passed through the cabins which were set up so that they could give impressions to at least 200 journalists present and more connected, including Mexican rivals in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and in Poland, which had translations. in their languages, as well as traditional English. There were three signals that were live for four hours for Mexico and the United States.

But it wasn’t all perfect, as they told me that when discussing the plan with those selected, most got intense and several warned that they weren’t going to. The alert was triggered, because the request came from SUM, the company that organizes the Mole Tour, the one that loosens the wool to Doña Fede so that she rents to El Tri, well.

SUM’s complaint arose out of the fact that it felt its sponsors did not have sufficient visibility, so the FMF’s director of alliances, Enrique Nieto Jr., the son of the Mexican promoter, had to put pressure on them to accept.

If you look closely, in the background of each selection there are marks that are not usual to see in Mexico with the Sortingbut these are the ones that SUM brings to the United States, and with the exposure that these interviews have had, because the entity that moves the tambourine in gringolandia was already satisfied.


In what has been seen here in Los Angeles and is already evident is the rift between Doña Fede’s board and El Tri’s coaching staff. Not because there is mistreatment, the reality is that the relationship between De Luisa and Martino is the most cordial, but because there is no communication between Tata and Ordiales.

To show the European tour of the Engineer and the Ordiales, who went to visit players without contemplating Martino, to strengthen the link with the set. It is more than clear that Tata is going its own way and is not going to ask anything from the new management of the selection, which cannot give a positive response to clubs asking for a few minutes for their players and other negotiations. That is to say, the pole is just for decoration. Again, like a vase.


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