Tennis: Rafa Nadal distressed in the middle of the US Open because of the admission of his wife to the hospital and a video leak

Tennis: Rafa Nadal distressed in the middle of the US Open because of the admission of his wife to the hospital and a video leak

Ethe spanish tennis player, Raphael Nadalis in the midst of a very tense moment in his family, which affects his performance in the all-new U.S. Open. Reason, his wife Mery PerellShe was admitted to the emergency room Palma de Mallorca, Spain due to a complication in her pregnancy.

Although Mery and the baby’s medical report says they are out of danger and the patient is doing well, she is still hospitalized. Moreover, the family is very angry because the video of when Mery was admitted to the hospital was leaked to the press. Quironsalud Palmaplanas Hospital and informed that they will seek out the culprits.

Moreover, they revealed that the medical history of Nadal’s wife had been leaked, which made journalists wait for an opportunity to disclose or obtain information from the private clinic.

This situation has caused discomfort in the family, so they are considering the possibility of transferring her to another clinic.

The medical report states that Mery is due for observation, from her current 31st week of pregnancy until the 34th week. In fact, it turned out that this period is for observation and to avoid any type of shock in her pregnancy.

In this situation, the tennis player has decided to stay in the United States to continue his participation in the US Open, which would indicate that his wife is out of danger, although the possibility that she will need surgery is also latent. . Considering the situation, Maribel Nadal, The tennis player’s sister is with Mery full time.

Family Nadal Perell She always tried to be discreet, even when confirming Mery’s pregnancy, they did it with exclusive photos for a magazine, but at all costs she tried to avoid the hospital cameras. , entering through the private car park.

In the meantime, this Tuesday is Rafa’s debut against Rinky Hijikata and is in constant contact with his family, because in the event of a complication he would immediately fly to Majorca.

The absence of Novak Djokovic

Who didn’t show up for the tournament? Rinse the meadows is Serbian Novak Djokovic, who is barred from entering the United States, due to his refusal to be vaccinated against COVID-19[FEMININEDe plus, une condition pour pouvoir s’inscrire au tournoi est que le joueur de tennis doit présenter le calendrier de vaccination à jour, une règle établie dans plusieurs sports professionnels du pays.

La détermination n’était pas du goût des fans de “Nole”, qui ont organisé une marche à New York. Son absence ouvre la porte à Nadal pour récolter un autre titre de Grand Chelem, e 23 dans sa carrière, pour ouvrir la distance avec Djokovic, qui en a 21.

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