The arrival of Porsche in Formula 1 is running out of steam… Red Bull is wary!

The arrival of Porsche in Formula 1 is running out of steam… Red Bull is wary!

The landing of Porsche in Formula 1 is blocked for lack of agreement with Red Bull. The company led by Dietrich Mateschitz raises several doubts and time for the Stuttgart firm is running out.

Formula 1 has finally managed to become really attractive so the car brands that are not involved in the sport after years of failed attempts to open the door to them with negative results.

While Porsche seemed to be the first on the list to reach the premier category of motorsport, Audi ended up overtaking them on the right with the confirmation of its landing in the middle of the week of the Belgian Grand Prix, accompanying its presentation of a single-seater like the one used by the teams at the start of the year with its colours.

“Many details remain to be clarified. Porsche is welcome, but the question is not that simple.”

Final engine regulations for 2026 only last approved August 16a late decision that scuttled Red Bull’s idea of ​​announcing its merger with Porche at the Austrian GP, ​​the local event for the Austrians

However, the latest talks between the two parties resulted in a blockage of negotiationswith one main reason clear as a controversial element: Porsche’s level of influence in Red Bull’s operations.

Independence as a key factor

Own Helmut Marko called this process a “complex situation” yet to be resolved. The crux of the matter is that Porsche intends to grab up to 50% of shares in this case, a decision that worries the core of Red Bull.

That’s why they don’t rule out options like making their own propellant themselves. “Now we can also build our own engine on our behalf. We would then be the only team apart from Ferrari to develop the car and powertrain under one roof,” Marko said.

Red Bull is managing different alternatives for its future in Formula 1, but not Porsche.

A new period of collaboration with Honda She’s no slouch either, although the definitive approach is to be reversed. “Many details remain to be clarified. Porsche is welcome, but the matter is not so simple. I hope the negotiations will be successful“, confessed for his part Christian Horner.

The British leader abandoned that, if he hadn’t founded Red Bull powertrains, “The alternative would have been a customer engine with Ferrari or Renault”, so finishing hand in hand with the Japanese was a positive experience for them that they would not hesitate to repeat.

Porsche has up to October 15 to close your registration for Formula 1 2026 by paying the corresponding fees. Otherwise, we will have to wait to see if in 2027 the “Grand Cirque” maintains a gap for a manufacturer who ended up complicating his arrival in F1.

Source: Auto Motor and Sport
Pictures: Porsche Motorsport

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