The best and worst case scenario of the four teams that will play on the FIFA date

The best and worst case scenario of the four teams that will play on the FIFA date

Puebla will face Pumas, as well as Necaxa versus Mazatlán, of those teams only Pumas need the win and a combination of results that will help them experience a playoff with Dani Alves in the squad.

The MX League will continue to play during the close fifa of September and this Friday there will be two important matches, since these four teams have the possibility of facing the playoffs of Opening 2022.

This Friday, they will face Puebla vs Pumasjust like him Necaxa vs. Mazatlanof these teams only cougars he needs the win and a combination of results that will help him live a playoff with Dani Alves On the campus.

In ESPN Digital We present you the best and the worst panorama of each team facing the closing of the Mexican championship.


best case scenario

La Franja are in tenth position and their best scenario would be to win this Friday at home against the team of UNAM and their victory by more than one goal could take this end to seventh position.

His last match of the tournament will be against the undefeated Americabut if they win and Toluca draw or lose, they could close the tournament in sixth place and be local in the playoffs.

worst case scenario

The worst thing that can happen to the team he leads Nicolas Larcamon would succumb to the Cats, who are in 16th place. This loss and a combination of results would put them in twelfth place, so they should visit them in their quest to qualify for the playoffs and face rivals like tigers oh Toluca.


best case scenario

those of the UNAM they need a miracle to advance, since they have 14 points in 15 games and to access the playoffs they would need to beat Puebla in the Cuauhtemoc Stadium. This result would propel them to 13th place and with 17 points they could dream of progressing.

In their last match, they face Juarez, who is still fighting for a place in the big party. If the cougars to win would need one of these rivals to lose: Necaxa, San Luis oh Puebla. That would ensure they flush them out and grab one of the last tickets.


best case scenario

The bone Ray are in position 12 and face Mazatlan, who is in 14th place, being a direct duel for one of the last places in the play-offs. In case of victory they will go up two places and settle in ninth position and with 21 units they will have to win their last match against Atlasthe second-to-last worst team in the tournament, and with that they could climb to finish seventh, but to do that they need Blue Cross there Chivas draw and León draw or lose against Only.

worst case scenario

The bone Ray they are on a tightrope and it would be almost fatal for them to succumb to the team and Sinaloabecause that would take them out of the playoff zone and they would have to find their pass by beating Atlasbut they should also expect that St. Louis Athletic lose at tigers who Puebla fall in America.


best case scenario

They are in 14th place and their best prospect would be to beat Necaxa to try to reach the playoffs. A win would put them 11th in the standings and ahead St. Louis Athleticwho has worse goal difference.

Going to the play-offs will depend on themselves, a victory sends them directly to the play-offs, but for that they must face Santos, who nearly matched his pass to the quarter-finals by having a better goal difference than Tigers.

worst case scenario

The worst case scenario for them would be to lose this Friday and cougars win their corresponding match, as this would move them to the fifteenth position. There they would be more than forced to win within the week and wait for the next combination.

-What St. Louis Athletic lose against tigers

-And St. Louis Athletic draw or win requires that Juarez there cougars draw in the last match.

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