“The case will be prosecuted,” he warns.

“The case will be prosecuted,” he warns.

After the racket player Paula Longoria denounced that the Mexican national team that participated in the San Luis Potosí World Championship 2022 has not received financial support from the National Commission for Physical Culture and Sports (Conade), which he heads Anna Guevarathe official said the world number one has an economic debt with the organization.

Guevara assured that both Mexican Racquetball Federation as Paula they have an earring control feeswhich in the case of the athlete exceed one and a half million pesos corresponding to the period 2015-2018.

“The Federation owes an amount of 432 thousand pesos and Paola owes an amount of one million 665 thousand 810 pesos. The amount that Paola owes dates from the 2015-2018 financial year and the case of the Federation comes from recent events that took place and that she could not verify, in the same way that the Federation is not in order within the institution.

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It is not a personal decision, it is done by mandate from the civil service and the policy coordination council. If you can’t make it transparent and prove that you delivered the documents under acknowledgment of receipt, then Unfortunately, he will have to be prosecuted and he will have to be with another authority, not with us. It’s a public office that says this payment must be made.

“The solution is that You must show up and you must establish how you are going to pay it in order to continue to be eligible for assistance., because otherwise, it closes the door to a solution. Her rights as an athlete are not violated, she can continue to compete,” Guevara said in an interview with Joaquín López Dóriga in Radio formula.


It should be noted that Longoria’s alleged debt for more than one and a half million pesos was not revealed until his participation in the World Cup in San Luis Potosí, because at that time the argument of Guevara and Conade for not supporting the team was that several athletes from the Mexican Racquetball Federation – among them Paola – had failed to verify expenses and owed more than 400,000 pesos.

At the time, the player assured that she personally delivered the plane tickets and hotel to carry out her control of the expenses; however, Conade officials lost them.

“Unfortunately, the checks were made at the time, I have personally delivered airline tickets, hotel receipts, food receipts, and these receipts have been lost because there is a constant change of civil servants there (at Conade), and it’s not our problem there That’s why they punish us by not supporting us in the world championship.

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“We are like debtorsthey put us as if we had theworst debt in the universe while the reality is that these debts that are registered by my teammates and by the Federation (of Racquetball) are due to tournaments in which we participatePaola argued in an interview with Ciro Gómez Leyva.

Longoria also denounced for two years he has not received any support from the Conade And that they cut his purse by more than 70%which he has not received since January of this year.


For his part, Guevara in the aforementioned interview with López Dóriga, contradicts the version of the best racquetball player in the world in the sense that he did not check the expenses and ordered her to report to Conade or the “debt” will increase.

“She’s arguing that she’s already delivered it (the expenditure audit), we’re talking about years that aren’t in the current administration. There is no legal document that proves he delivered them.

“The amount that Paola owes has not been verified, this is what limited (the support of Conade) to the mentioned event in San Luis Potosí (The Racquetball World Cup). The number at this time is collaborationathletes and coaches are invited to work with Conade to clarify this, the problem here is that these are exercises that are already overdue.

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Here the problem is that they play broken phone, there unfortunately what you are doing is neither coherent nor co-responsible of what it means to be selected at the national level, member of the Fuerzas Amadas and to present herself as a multi-champion of the world.

I think we have to set an example and not slander and say that it was the Count or myself who decided not to give him the call.“, he added.


In the middle of the new controversial for Ana Guevara’s statement on the alleged debt of Paola Longoria, it must be remembered that the player answered with results at the World Championship, where she was crowned in singles and doubles accompanied by Samantha Salas.

Also, generally the national racquetball team had a big fair by obtaining six out of seven possible gold medals.

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