The cheerleader was fired for having OnlyFans and now she’s rich

The cheerleader was fired for having OnlyFans and now she’s rich

Since the emergence of OnlyFans as a platform where intimate content can be shared in exchange for payment of a subscription, there has been a huge controversy about it, between those who believe it should not be allowed and those who who see it as a job like any other.

The truth is that those who have decided to enter this business have made huge profits, so although there have been cases where they have lost their jobs because they were in this social network, they are now become millionaires.

Kristin Elise worked as a cheerleader for the Indianapolis Colts, an NFL team which, by the way, was the first to use cheerleaders in their games in 1954, when they were still playing in Baltimore.

After learning that the girl had an account on OnlyFans, she was fired from the team. It happened about five years ago, and since then Kristin’s account has become one of the most followed, earning her millions.

I started uploading my model photos to OnlyFans when it launched in 2016, after doing nude photoshoots for over five years. The organization sent me an email telling me that I had been kicked from the cheerleading squad. I was heartbroken.

-Kristin Elise

She wasn’t happy at first because she claims she loved her job as a cheerleader, but the team’s owners thought selling intimate content wasn’t something they wanted to do. be associated and thanked her.

Colts officials simply sent him an email informing him of his dismissal, which he considered disrespectful. In addition, he feared that he would no longer have this income, but everything turned in his favor.

After announcing that she was fired for having an OnlyFans account, she has more and more followers and, of course, more income. Currently, she has thousands of followers who are contributing their dollars so that she now has a millionaire life.

The 28-year-old Texas native is also an LGBTTTIQ+ rights advocate, which has also sparked controversy due to her statements regarding the preferences of certain NFL players.

Kristin assures that there are a lot of professional players who have to silence their preferences because it is not well seen in the league and those who have dared to speak openly are fired and then it is no longer easy for another team to hire them.

For now, she’s happy with the high incomes she’s earning, and who knows, maybe if she continues to earn millions, at some point she’ll be able to buy her own team, even in a minor league, and come back as a cheerleader.

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