The ‘coaching’ arrives for the first time in Grand Slam

The ‘coaching’ arrives for the first time in Grand Slam

The U.S. Open It is since yesterday the first Grand Slam in which coaches are allowed to give instructions on the field to their players. The framingas it is known in English, entered a trial period for both the men’s and women’s tours on July 11. In Montreal and Cincinnati, the dialogues could be heardwhich should generally be short, between coaches and players.

There are other conditions with which this practice must be governed. It can only be performed from one side of the field, never from below. Advice also cannot be given behind competitors’ benches, and coaches cannot change seats during matches, they must remain in the assigned area.

When he framing be verbal, sentences should be short, with few words. Conversations are not allowed and this new rule can only be used when the tennis player in question is in the same area as their coach, never from afar. Gesture instructions must not hinder or disturb opponents and players may not search for their team members, even during breaks in play, especially if they are leaving the pitch. The imperative is not to interrupt the game. Will it work? For now, opinions are divided.

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