The Cowboys are negotiating with Jason Peters for his addition to the

The Cowboys are negotiating with Jason Peters for his addition to the

Everything indicates that the Cowboys will indeed strengthen their offensive line with a presence of veterans. Following Tyron Smith’s injury, the Dallas front office had pushed the idea of ​​using rookie Tyler Smith as the starting left tackle and no one else needed to be brought in. However, Jason Peters’ recent visit to the team’s facility suggests adding an experienced lineman wasn’t out of the question.

Now it looks like the addition of Peters is almost complete.

This Sunday morning, we learned that the Cowboys were currently negotiating with Jason Peters for his hiring. This was reported by Ian Rapoport, an NFL Network reporter, via his Twitter account. According to the report, both sides want to reach an agreement, and that could happen this Monday.

Peters’ visit, the Dallas Morning News reported, went very well. On Friday, the tackle went through physicals and had productive meetings with team officials. This led to negotiations starting later that day, which would mainly revolve around Peters’ salary and his role in the team. Additionally, the Cowboys should open up a roster spot for the veteran lineman.

If that happens, the addition of Jason Peters would be very important for the Dallas offensive line. The 40-year-old tackle has played 16 seasons in the NFL: five with the Bills, 11 with the Eagles and one with the Bears in 2021. His records include a Super Bowl (2017), nine Pro Bowls and six appearances in All-Pro (two in the first team and four in the second). Additionally, he was chosen for the 2010 NFL Team of the Decade.

Despite his age, Peters can still play at a good level. His performance last year in Chicago shows that, playing as a starter in 15 games and earning a 77.5 rating according to Pro Football Focus (PFF). And the videos of his performances during the campaign confirm it.

Additional Details on Peters’ Potential Addition

As with other veteran tackles, the biggest concern surrounding Jason Peters is his fitness. In the past five seasons, the tackle has only played fully in one of them, in 2018. In fact, in 2020 he has only played eight games due to different physical issues.

Despite this, the Cowboys seem confident that Peters can hold his own and bring experience to the team. However, the other point of contention regarding his addition would concern the role he will have in Dallas.

Recall that following the injury of Tyron Smith, Stephen and Jerry Jones declared that it would be the rookie Tyler Smith who would occupy the place of starting left tackle. Although the Cowboys chose the Tulsa product as a future relief in that position, rushing that plan for this season might not be a good idea. Especially since Tyler mainly trained as a guard and has yet to perfect certain aspects of his game.

By adding Jason Peters to their offensive line, the Cowboys could keep Tyler Smith at left guard and avoid “throwing him to the lions” in his rookie season. Moreover, the rookie has shown in pre-season that he can block more effectively than protect passes.

However, it is possible that negotiations between Peters and the Cowboys have the player’s role as a point of contention. The veteran tackle would aspire to be a starter, not a backup tackle. Meanwhile, the team would prefer him to have the supporting role, especially since Josh Ball doesn’t give guarantees and rookie Matt Waletzko still needs development time.

Ultimately, adding Peters would open up a spot on Dallas’ roster or practice squad. Both are complete, although the team is making some moves ahead of the Week 1 game against Tampa Bay. In theory, Peters would be part of the practice squad first. The technical staff could even integrate him gradually into the dynamics of the team, as they did with linebacker Anthony Barr.

It remains to be seen whether the Cowboys will finally finalize the addition of Jason Peters in the next few hours. Whether he’s playing as a starter or a backup, there’s no doubt the tackle will be a valuable asset to Dallas’ offensive line. This, at least, while waiting for a possible return of Tyron Smith in December.

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