The Czech, “eclipsed” by Verstappen in the international press

The Czech, “eclipsed” by Verstappen in the international press

Red Bull remains top of the constructors’ championship, having gone 1-2 in the Belgian GP and although Sergio “Checo” Perez came in second place, failed to come close to qualifying achieved by the race winner, Max Verstappen in the international press.

Planet F1 He awarded the Mexican the highest rating with a 7.5, since the media considers that he was not enough for more: “Second place was of course the best Perez could have done under the circumstances, but with the same machines as Verstappen you must be thinking he must have been a little embarrassed to be swept away so easily.

In Italy, Motorbox was tougher on Checo and only gave him a 7, believing he was not at ‘Mad Max’ level: “The comparison must be made with the comrade and it is clearly against him. That’s not to say a quiet second place like this deserves a high mark in any case.

Another 7 in qualifying was taken by the middle Mexican Crash, although he was a little more benevolent with his criticism: “Every driver would struggle to match Verstappen, so second was the best the Mexican could achieve , although the margin both in qualifying and in the race was substantial.

Race was the most critical specialist medium with the Mexican, as he rated it with a 6, narrowly avoiding being disapproved: “Perez got off to a terrible start and suffered a major spin as the speed increased, relegating him to fifth place.. He passed Russell in the race and then reclaimed second place when Hamilton and Alonso clashed. Although he inevitably fell behind Verstappen, he overtook Sainz in the second season to secure second place.


Red Bull made it 1-2 at the Belgian GP

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