The disciplinary commission reveals the sanction of Carlos Salcedo for “abusive use of social networks”

The disciplinary commission reveals the sanction of Carlos Salcedo for “abusive use of social networks”

The disciplinary committee did not reveal the amount with which Carlos Salcedo, defender of FC Juárez, was sanctioned

The Disciplinary Commissioninformed by press release that it has financially sanctioned the defender of FC Juarez, carlos salcedoafter a message appeared on his account Twitterwhich was later deleted, in which he criticized the work of the refereeing during the half-time commitment against León on the 13th day of the 2022 opener.

“The Disciplinary Commission informs that it has decided to financially sanction the player of the Club FC Juarez, Carlos Joel Salcedo Hernandezsince in the match corresponding to the 13th day of the LIGA MX 2022 opening tournament, between Clubs León and FC Juárez, he violated the Sanctions Regulations of the Mexican Football Federation, in particular Article 71, subparagraph (d), for misuse of social media networks, by not approaching them with respect and caution,” the commission reported.

through the account of Twitter of carlos salcedo A message appeared in which he criticized the work of arbitration in the duel against León corresponding to Date 13, however, after the publication and with a few minutes published, the tweet was deleted.

carlos salcedo I’m speaking with ESPN on the anti-arbitration message that is taken out of your account Twitter, while playing with Bravos de Juárez against León, and denied being the author. The defender claimed it was his ‘community manager‘ who tweeted and regretted being forced to fire him.

In the same way, the defender said calm, since the technical director Hernán Cristante and the board of directors of the group of braveThey know how things went, so they got no warning from the management or the coaching staff.

This Thursday, the footballer published a press release via his account Twitter to explain what happened, highlighting the determination he made with his ‘community manager‘ and considering that it would be disrespectful to have taken such an action on his part in the middle of a match.

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