The Eagles lost their duel against Nashville until penalties

The Eagles lost their duel against Nashville until penalties

With absences due to call-ups, injuries due to injuries, plagued by youth and playing 10, America brought out the prestige, paid tribute to the shirt and stretched the game on penalties after drawing 3-3 in regulation time, but Nashville imposed its local status on the spot (4-2).

The locals made the young American defense look bad from the start of the game, Josh Bauer He took advantage of a bad mark on a corner and finished strong at the near post leaving no chance for Oscar Jimenez.

Next to be exposed was Miguel Layunthe canadian Jacob Shaffelburg he gave a terrible night to side azulcrema and his group to generate all the damage during the first half.

The attacker of Nashville caused two touchdowns, the first Luc Haakenson closing the pincer on a passed cross to increase the lead to two goals; afterwards Let’s talkan old acquaintance scored the third after enjoying some new help from, luckily for those of Coapa the goal was disallowed for offside.

In attack, the team’s story was different, those who were there took advantage, Jürgen Damm he raised his hand again with a goal, the striker defined the air with the inside of his boot after a precise cross from Jona to close the distance.

The break has come and for the resumption of the match Layoun was another confirmed immediately by leveling the game with a mid-range shot that dug in from the angle to level the game again.

But fate and bad luck clung to you Layoun had a night to forget and on the home stretch he accidentally deflected a ball which ended in a pass to Jack Maherwho only had to send it to the networks.

But these Eagles don’t know how to give up and despite having everything against them and with seconds on the board, Romain Martinez he took off his mark to be alone in the area and captured a rebound from the goalkeeper on a shot from Richard Sanchez tie the match and send it to penalties.


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