the endless love story that was born between the courts

the endless love story that was born between the courts

Roger Federer and Mirka Vavrinec, the indelible love story that was born on the courts of the Sydney Olympics in 2000

We are in September of the year 2000. The Sydney Olympics are taking place. A very young Roger Federer (18) competes in mixed doubles with Mirka Vavrinec (22); both represent Switzerland, their country. But, more importantly, they both sleep on the same floor, reserved for the Swiss tennis and wrestling teams. He is captivated by the beauty of his partner and try to conquer it during the two weeks of competition. In the end, he manages to kiss her surrounded by fighters. It was the beginning of a love story that continues today: Mirka has been married since 2009, PR and mother of the children of tennis player who announced this Thursday his withdrawal from the Laver Cup, which will be played in a week.

Mirka Vavrinec and Roger Federer, playing for Switzerland at the 2002 Hopman Cup

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“We both played tennis for Switzerland. Yes we spent two weeks in these rooms in the olympic village. We were together with the wrestlers and other athletes on the team, everything is great. I think during those two weeks there was chemistry between the two of us,” Federer recalled in 2019. He added, “One of the fighters said to me: ‘Hey kiss her now‘. And I said, ‘No… I don’t know. Maybe. Should?”. The one who convinced Federer is called Ludwin Kung and today he is his friend. He had an accomplice, another fighter named Urs Burgler. Both they not only insisted that the shy Federer make the first moveif not that in addition they left Mirka and Roger outside the rooms of the apartment occupied by the Swiss delegation. “Now you know each other”, they were told. The rest is history. Federer took the first step and, after 15 minutes, He and Mirka came back laughing. This was the beginning of the love story between the two.

Federer and his wife, Mirka Vavrinec

Federer and his wife, Mirka Vavrinec

“When you kiss me, Mirka He told me that I was very young. I tried to tell him that I was 18 and a half. I added a quarter-year,” Federer joked about that moment. Kung shared what that start was like. “We knew Roger loved Mirka and we helped him a bit,” he told Swiss site Blick. Moreover, he pointed out that the two tennis players spent 15 minutes together and reappeared laughing. “From that moment on, Roger and Mirka were a couple,” Kung added.

“She’s amazing. I don’t know where to start,” said the great champion THE NATION during an interview in Basel. Miroslava “Mirka” Vavrinec was born in Slovakia in April 1978 and he was only 2 years old when his family moved to Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. When she was 9, her father took her to see a tennis tournament in Filderstadt, in southern Germany, where she met Martina Navratilova, also a Czechoslovak exile. Martina gave her a racket and encouraged her to play tennis. Mirka took his advice and reached No. 76 in the WTA rankings in 2001.

When Roger and Mirka were a couple, an Achilles tendon injury interrupted his tennis career, but the sentimental relationship with Roger was consolidated, until they became inseparable and the mother of their children. In addition, of course, to being a fundamental piece, according to what they say, in the assembly of the agenda of the Helvetians. In this interview with THE NATION, Federer was full of praise for his wife and talked about its importance in everyday life.

–The day when your wife tells you: ‘Enough travelling’, ready, end of your career?

–If I talk about tennis, she [Mirka] had a profound impact on my character, maybe not on my game, but yes on me as a professional because he was a professional tennis player before me, I had more experience when I came on tour, I knew what hard work was, I was learning what it was. So she made me grow and mature in the early years. After, I think the support I received from her has always been unconditional love, She has always been there to help me, she has made my life easier, whether I win or lose, I will always have her in my corner and she gives me great stability. As a tennis player, it’s always good to have it, because some players have a girlfriend for a year and then they change it, they go out, they have a life going bowling. Whatever life throws your way can be fun, but it can also be very distracting. My life is perfect as it is. I always liked having the same girlfriend, the same wife, with the family organization and I always wanted to protect her from the press, so she hasn’t done an interview for 12 or 15 years, so the people don’t know all the things she’s done, amazing work behind the scenes for my parents, for my life, for Tony [Godsick], for the boys. She is a great worker. It’s awesome. So I hope that will never change. I was always there for her, she was always there for me. What if he said, ‘Can we slow down a bit?’ At the moment we have good conversations, she is happy with the tours. But of course, for the boys, you always have to put together the best possible agenda, anticipate everything and get organised.


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