The era of Diego Cocca is over, he will stop coaching at the end of Apertura 2022

The era of Diego Cocca is over, he will stop coaching at the end of Apertura 2022

The era of Diego Cocca in the Atlas is over, after winning the championship twice, the Argentine coach will leave the coaching position

Diego Cokewill leave his position as coach of Atlasthis was announced by the directive in collaboration with the technician himself, in the absence of a date to end the Opening 2022.

The Argentinian strategist will leave the red and black institution, after obtaining the double championship with all of the Foxes.

The president of AtlasJosé Riestra announced the departure of Diego Coke of the red and black team, through a press conference where he thanked the coach and the technical staff for the exploits obtained with the institution.

“It’s a time of mixed feelings, everything in this life has a cycle and has an end, I remember a little over two years ago, when the institution was going through a very complicated moment, where we analyzed who should assume who would save us from relegation and we meet Diego and its coaching staff and we set out to transform this institution and followed the path with two championships.

Diego I have nothing but words of thanks, for putting us on the map and Alejandro told you in the following days that we will meet again and that we will work together so that you leave this for the rest of our history”, a- he declared.

In the same way, Diego Coke offered a few words of thanks, where he assured that he was leaving the red and black institution calmly after the titles obtained, so his departure will serve the sporting development of the Atlas.

“It’s a difficult moment, with contradictory parts to this project in which we have put everything, a change is needed and it is us who are stepping aside so that the project continues to grow, it was with the sports project, we have achieved, we want to continue at this place Since I arrived, I was a player and this club gave me a lot and I also wanted to give it something, in this sense.

“I am leaving very serene and very proud, very happy and convinced that I have given everything and that I am not holding anything back and grateful to the board of directors for the confidence and to the people of the club who show us their love, these are moments difficult for everything we have done and to be able to complete the cycle in this way is a privilege, I have nothing but gratitude to the players, the staff and everyone, I hope they understand and that we realize, because we made history that it will be forever. We are very grateful,” he added.

Diego Coke returned the label of champion to Atlasafter 70 years without a Liga MX title and repeated the feat in the next tournament, to become the third double short tournament champion team, along with Pumas and León.

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