The European Tour ‘skates’ with the new Seve Trophy ignoring its silhouette

The European Tour ‘skates’ with the new Seve Trophy ignoring its silhouette

Wednesday’s announcement of the celebration of the Hero Cup next January in Abu Dhabiin the image and likeness of Sap Trophy which was performed 8 times from 2000 to 2013 with the “sponsorship” of the missing ace of Pedreña Ballesteros Sap It has sparked controversy in some circles and provoked the reaction of the Ballesteros family, who do not understand how the European Tour has forgotten the figure of the Cantabrian genius in this relaunch.

Javier Ballesteros, Seve’s eldest son, posted on social networks his deep disappointment with the European Tour. “There was a lot of talk about the new match play tournament announced by the European Tour and here’s what happened: Last October, an ET player told me that the Tour was planning to take back the Seve Trophy, which I I was very happy. However, I didn’t hear about it again until the day before the official announcement, the European Tour contacted me, told me that this new tournament was going to be launched – an exact copy of the Seve Trophy – and they wanted my dad to be sort of. We obviously said no. We want nothing but the return of the Seve Trophy, not a copy of it. We think our dad deserves better of the European Tour, because of the unconditional support he has always given to the Tour and the legacy he left behind,”

As published by the portal ‘’, the Circuit, in the person of its maximum responsible, Keith Pelley, He has already contacted the family to try to reach some kind of agreement on this. They have agreed to meet in the next few days to find a way to involve Seve in this new preparatory tournament for the Ryder Cup. And so that, at least, the event is called Hero Seve Trophy.

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