“The feeling of not being safe at home is difficult”

“The feeling of not being safe at home is difficult”

The striker is still waiting to find out if he will stay at Barcelona or sign with Chelsea in search of more minutes

The Gabonese Pierre-Emerick Aubameyangattacking Barcelonawho was handcuffed and shot in the jaw in an assault on his home, said the feeling of ‘not being safe at home’ is something ‘difficult to understand and describe’.

This was assured in a publication in his account at instagram in which he thanks the multitude of messages received since last Sunday.

“Sunday night some violent cowards came into our house and threatened my family and kids just to steal a few things,” he says.

Aubameyang admits that during the assault he suffered a jaw injury from which he will recover “shortly” and “thank God no one else was injured”.

“The feeling of being unsafe in your own home is hard to understand and describe, but as a family we will overcome it and be stronger than ever. Thank you so much for the support, it’s very important for us,” the striker wrote. On Instagram.

Aubameyang has a split jaw

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang suffered a cracked jaw in robbery at home last Mondaybut different sources inform ESPN that the wound of the still in front of the Barcelona should not affect your transfer to the chelsea.

The Barca I expected to close the deal with the Londoners on Tuesday but the two clubs still have some differences and today they will have another meeting to try to bring the positions closer.

For his part, the striker is waiting and recovering from the fright after last Monday a gang of thieves broke into his house armed with guns and iron bars.

Since Barcelona ensures that neither Aubameyang nor his wife, who were handcuffed during the robbery with their children also inside the house, suffered serious injuries, but sources confirmed to ESPN that the striker has a cracked jaw which will keep him off the pitch for around three weeks.

Initially, it was thought that the injury of Aubameyang could jeopardize your departure chelsea but the sources say ESPN that the clubs continue to negotiate with the idea of ​​finding an agreement.

*Information from Moisés Llorens and Sam Marsden has been used in this report

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