The five highest paid players in the NFL in 2022

The five highest paid players in the NFL in 2022

The NFL He is about to start his 2022 season and as every year the list of the highest contracts is exorbitant, this time the 12 players who will charge the most for their services occupy the position of quarterback.

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1.- Aaron Rodgers/Green Bay Packers – $50,271,667

After a long romance between the QB who won the NFL’s Most Valuable Player award four times and the Green Bay Packers, they managed to strike a deal for him to stay with the Wisconsin franchise, on the condition that he becomes the highest paid player in the entire league. In order for the Packers to pay their franchise player salary, they had to lose their star receiver, Davante Adamswho left for Las Vegas Raiders.

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2.– Russell Wilson/Denver Broncos – $49,000,000

‘DangeRuss’ will be enjoying his first NFL season outside of Seattle. Wilson was transferred to Broncoswho just needed a franchise-caliber QB to become AL contenders. denver have so much confidence in Russell that before playing a single regular season game with them, they have already renewed his contract for five years and $245 million, of which $165 million is guaranteed.

3.- Kyler Murray/Arizona Cardinals – $46,100,000

Whoever was selected as the first overall pick in the 2019 draft and came to the Cardinals franchise to give them a revolution and send them back to the playoffs, was handed a hefty five-year, $230.5 million contract, including $160 guaranteed, for an average of $46.1 million per year.

4.- Deshaun Watson/Cleveland Browns – $46,000,000

The race of Deshaun Watson with the Texas of Houston it painted to be vintage until it was suspended due to off-grid issues. As a result of the severance of his relations with the institution, he was transferred to the Cleveland Browns like his big bet as a quarterback, so upon his arrival they offered him a 5-year, $230 million contract, as well as being a fully guaranteed deal, an extremely odd situation in the NFL.
Watson will be suspended until Week 11, missing most of the regular season this year.

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5.- Patrick Mahomes/Kansas City Chiefs – $45,000,000

Who at the time landed the most lucrative contract in the history of the gridirons of $ 503 million for ten years, is in the fifth highest paid position for the 2022 season, looking to return to Super Sunday and raise the vince Lombardy.

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