The French Federation harshly criticizes Pique and his Davis

The French Federation harshly criticizes Pique and his Davis

The new formula of Davis Cup 2022 tries to improve the aspects that many players and fans have complained about in its last two editions. If last year the tournament was played in different places, this year it has been divided into two dates in order to lighten the schedule of the players. However, many voices in the tennis world remain dissatisfied with the new competition, harshly criticizing its structure and yearning for a change for the better with, perhaps, the return of the old format. The president of the French Tennis Federation, Gilles Moretonspoke to L’Equipe and went a little further: he showed that the involvement of the tournament bosses is far from correct, pointing out the “little interest” many games this week and the possibility of series being played without any stakes.

France play in Hamburg, Germany, with some series with empty stands

“I wouldn’t like to be that person who repeats the same things all the time like a parrot. At the end of the week we’ll talk, maybe Germany vs France here could be interesting, but then you see that there are games, like Belgium vs Australia, no one here is interested, you see we are going to end the week with matches without stakes… the structure has changed a lot since the start of this format. next, with the overtime weeks for some Masters 1000, the Davis Cup qualifying round will not be protected, the ATP tournaments will be played at the same time. At some point, there has to be someone who protects this sport, who protects tennis.

The group stage, with rooms following a strange process

“The four host cities have paid. And they have paid a lot. For the organiser, however, there is a fairly clear loss. We are engaged in negotiations, because Gerard Pique has come to us to send us proposals for the later rounds. “They flirted with us, we would like France to return to a role of organizer, but the sums which were asked of us are not always the same, from what I have heard. The rules of the game are unclear. Nothing is clear.” There were four or five members of the FFT on the table, including Cédric Pioline, so that I would not be the only one to hear these things. We were offered the final phase, but in exchange for something else. For me, it’s not serious. Pique doesn’t care about tennis, all he cares about is finding a system to get the money in. In three years, they lost a lot of money. As for the prize money offered to players, we are far from the amounts announced at the start. And finally, I have the impression that the sporting interest in the competition has disappeared.”

Are there possibilities to change things?

“With the Grand Slams, we are consolidating our position in many areas, and in a way, we think of the Davis Cup. At some point, there must be someone who protects tennis. In theory, that should be the role of the ITF, but there is a huge difference between dealing with the development aspect of playing tennis and managing certain aspects of professional tennis.Grand Slams are structured, there are has investors who are ready to step in, and we have an institution in the middle that is jumping…”

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