The Golf Club of Mar del Plata could become a public park

The Golf Club of Mar del Plata could become a public park

MAR DEL PLATA.— Farewell to the famous and centennial cathedral of Argentine golf? Will it cease to be an exclusive place to, in the short term and as proposed, lead to a new public park? The doubts are open with a bill presented to the Legislative Assembly of Buenos Aires so that in just under nine years, at the end of the current concession, in these links of Playa Grande holes and flags disappear to become a green space open to the whole community.

The proposal is in the name of the senator from Buenos Aires Paul Obeid (FdT) and aims to declare a “Protected Landscape of Provincial Interest” which surface of almost 30 hectares which until 2031 will continue under the administration of the Golf Club Mar del Plataas provided for in the municipal decree of December 2001.

The legislator put the issue on the table with the intention of opening a debate on the fate of this spectacular property that faces the sea at the height of the naval base of Mar del Plata and is, without being the most remarkable due to its extension and its game characteristics, the obligatory stopover for Argentine golfers and those who come from abroad, professionals and amateurs.

The imposing Tudor-style mansion benefits from heritage protectionMauro V.Rizzi

Within these limits, on the heights of the northern extremity of the property, is an imposing Tudor-style house which is about to celebrate its first century of existence, a building which is the Club House, administrative headquarters, houses a restaurant, is the scene of various events and benefits from heritage protection by the municipality, as specified in the order 10075.

obeid commented THE NATION that the intention is that the discussion on the fate of this property, which originally belonged to the province of Buenos Aires and was transferred to the municipality of General Pueyrredon at the end of 2001, begins with the required anticipation.

“In nine years, the current concession ends and the priority is avoid being assigned a possible destination for future real estate developments and, from our idea, think of it as a new public park for the city,” he said.

The district of General Pueyrredon, whose main town is Mar del Plata, has three other 18-hole golf courses. Two of them in the southern zone and the rest in the Sierra de los Padres. If the area is considered a destination for the practice of sport, a fifth option can be added, already in the neighboring district of General Alvarado, with access links to Miramar.

East the golf offer is one of the main tourist attractions that the city has in its proposals that point to the ABC 1 segment, as defined and framed for visitors with greater purchasing power. It is a strip in which work has been done for a long time and much in search of a better positioning of the city, complemented by real estate developments and category services.

The cession to the Mar del Plata Golf Club Civil Association was sealed on December 11, 2001 from the assent and promulgation of Municipal Ordinance 14,404 which grants the entity the concession of use and operation of this space for a total period of 30 years for which you must pay an annual fee set at 10,000 dollars.

The course has seen the best golfers in the country play
The course has seen the best golfers in the country playMauro V.Rizzi

Obeid proposes that The current property is declared a protected landscape who occupy the golf course and its service area within the parameters established by Provincial Law 12,704. At the same time, it requests that a management committee be formed with provincial and municipal participation which should develop a specific environmental management for this space focused on its new destination as a public space open to the whole community.

THE NATION contacted Mar del Plata Golf Club authorities looking for feedback on this project —which, by the way, caused surprise among those who are part of this sport—, and they replied that “the subject is very recent” and that they are “analyzing the content of the presented project”.

Some players accustomed to the place admitted to being shocked by the proposal, as well as confident that it will not take place and that the place will be maintained as a golf practice setting.

Those courses have seen the best golfers in the country play and other distinguished foreign visitors, whether in competition or simply for the pleasure of trying out a playground not only complicated by its design but also by the wind blowing from the sea, an eternal and common rival when it is about applying a blow several yards. Roberto De Vicenzo himself, the greatest Argentine golfer of all time, is credited with christening this space as “The Cathedral of Golf”.

It was also an obligatory stage for certain international personalities and not precisely from the world of sport. For example, two presidents of the United States have passed through these courts. First it was Dwight Eisenhower, in February 1960. Then it was George Bush, who played a match with the Argentine head of state at the time, Carlos Menem. It was in the rain and, in the end, the host challenged him with a particular prize in dispute: a bottle of branded champagne bearing his surname.

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