The Grand Final of Survivor Mexico would not be LIVE, is it already fixed?

The Grand Final of Survivor Mexico would not be LIVE, is it already fixed?

Survivor Mexico is in its last weeks, showing all the obstacles that exist between the survivors and the final trophy, hoping to see the favorites reach the last point, fighting every moment to win after living for several months in complicated conditions and without the adequate nutrition , then it is known that this reality show is one of the most complex to win, being the trophy of this season one of the most sought after in the programming of TV Azteca.

The advance of Survivor Mexico in front of TV Azteca viewers has been one of the most intense in the entire history of reality television, which is why all the fans of the program can’t wait to see the final, Unfortunately, everything indicates that this end of the season could bring several problems by not appearing live as in the other editions.

Viewers are speculating a bit about the reasons for the rumored recordings of the final, being several productions in the Dominican Republic, which would lead to Survivor Mexico have a somewhat complicated closure in the programming.

What will happen to the final?

Rumors point to final of Survivor Mexico will be recorded due to the start of recordings of another important program on the beaches of the Dominican Republic, so many spoilers point out that there could even be a case of fraud due to the way it will be recorded, leaving all viewers upset at the Terrible way to close this issue.

Although so far all is speculation, the recording of the final could cause a lot more problems Survivor Mexico Therefore, if this is the case, the production could be in trouble and end the edition in the worst possible way, leaving TV Azteca in an unstable moment.

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The beginning of Exatlón México

The recordings of Exathlon Mexico They could intervene in the rest of the recordings in the Dominican Republic, so now the viewers should focus on the next reality show, succeed in bringing all TV Azteca productions back to success, help the production get back on track avoiding to return to the moment of chaos compared to previous seasons.

From a few days, Exathlon Mexico will present a totally renewed format, being circuits, athletes and even a new pilot what we will be able to see in this edition, having a rather important advantage over the other TV Azteca reality shows, so do not forget to follow the programming of Azteca UNO to see this incredible premiere.

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