The Hollywood actor who accompanied Rafa Nadal to a dinner before the US Open

The Hollywood actor who accompanied Rafa Nadal to a dinner before the US Open

The Balearic tennis player Rafael Nadal (36), who has between eyebrows and eyebrows to win the US Open, a tournament which begins this Monday August 29 at the Arthur Ashe stadium, took advantage this Sunday of a fun scene in an Italian restaurant in New York, in the company of several members of his team and friends, including the famous Hollywood actor Ben Stiller.

Before starting his participation in the US Open, the Mallorcan tennis player took the opportunity to have a good time with friends in a popular place restaurant located in Manhattan. The athlete shared an image from the dinner on his official Instagram account.

Carlos Costa, Marc López, Benito Pérez-Barbadillo or even Rafael Maymó were present at the dinner, without forgetting the American interpreter Ben Stiller.

“Fun dinner with my team and friends! And… everything is fine before the start of the tournament,” Rafa Nadal wrote on Instagram, attaching a photo of the moment.

Note that Rafa Nadal and Ben Stiller have had a great friendship for a long time. It was when Nadal invited the Hollywood actor to take part in an exhibition at Madison Square Garden with tennis player Juan Martín del Potro.

Ben Stiller rallied behind Diego Schwartzman at US Open preview


Argentinian tennis player Diego Schwartzman had a luxury sparring in the days leading up to the US Open. Actor Ben Stiller turned out to be a big fan of tennis and accompanied Schwartzman to gather on the same tournament court.

Ben Stiller, who has been one of the most popular faces in the Hollywood industry in recent years, had a great time with the Argentinian tennis player Diego Schwartzman in the preview of the US Open.

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