The hot prediction Andy Ruiz left for Canelo vs Golovkin fight

The hot prediction Andy Ruiz left for Canelo vs Golovkin fight

The hot prediction Andy Ruiz left for the fight between Canelo and Golovkin (Picture: Instagram/@andy_destroyer13)

Andy Ruiz is about to step back into the ring for a crucial fight of his career, because this Sunday he will face Louis King Kong Ortiz at heavyweight and if he wins he could return to the elite of boxing in his category.

In the middle of his preparation and a few hours after putting on the gloves, the destroyer offered an interview with ESPN where in addition to explaining his preparation and his feelings about the fight, he was asked about Canello Alvarez and the controversial departure from his gym Andy played in a few months ago.

The Mexican-American, who also posed with the new white jersey of the Mexican teamdenied that his relationship with Saúl and Eddy Reynoso has since broken down, explaining the reasons that led him to abandon the discipline of the Canelo Team.

Andy Ruiz when he was in the Canelo team (Photo: Instagram/@andy_destroyer13)
Andy Ruiz when he was in the Canelo team (Photo: Instagram/@andy_destroyer13)

“It was not a mistake (to arrive at the gymnasium of Canello). I learned a lot, they taught me a lot“Andy mentioned during the interview. “The mistake was losing a lot of weight and listening to a lot of people say to lose weight,” he explained, because when he joined the Canelo Team he appreciated their weight and the benefits they could bring him.

“Thank God Canelo and Eddy helped me a lot, but I had to make a change for this fight because it is very important. To fight with a benchmark that is left-handed we put these changes”

Bon ben it’s perfect (my relationship with Canelo and Eddy). They understood why I did this and why I opened my gym. It was not only for me, but also for my fighters. They need a gym where they can go, I know it’s private for him (Saúl) there and I respect himbut I had to do my own gym,” he condemned.

“I think it will be a very interesting fight because it will be the third fight against him (Gennady Golovkin)”, he explained, to then deepen the subject of a possible knockout and his main candidate.

“I think Canelo will win, he already knows the ways to beat the Triple-G. I think the ones you need to watch are the GGG shots”

“Maybe it’s wrong (saying you want to knock him out), but it’s also good because he has an objective, which is to win and eliminate. He has already fought twice with him, that’s why I say. If he says he wants to knock out, maybe he will. You already know him, so yeah, maybe he knocks her out“, Condemned the former heavyweight champion boxer.

Andy himself recently explained that those looking for the knockout usually make mistakes, as he said that was King Kong Ortiz’s plan for his fight, which is why he said he felt better prepared. mentally for this crucial duel.

Before their confrontation next Sunday, September 4 in Los Angeles, the boxer, who has 34 wins and a few defeats, said he was not worried about his physique against the Cuban, because he has done a job in such a way that he is allowed to seek victory in two circumstancesvia KO or 12 Sleeves.

I trained hard for both scenarios: knock out or do a full 12 round fight. When a person goes in search of the knockout, he makes mistakes and pays the price,” he stressed during the press conference with several media.


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