The incredible gesture of Alan Mozo in Verde Valle

The incredible gesture of Alan Mozo in Verde Valle

Open workouts Chivas always full of good anecdotes and that of this Tuesday was not exempt from it, because among the nearly 200 fans gathered at Green Valley There was a Chiva Hermana who took the opportunity to draw the attention of Alan Mozo, What did he do? What happened?

It turns out that in the middle of the back-to-school day, América Resendiz (Don’t be afraid of the name, it’s just an unfortunate coincidence because it’s a Chiva Hermana of the heart), a sophomore in high school, decided to skip class to go to the roll call Red and white.

He left his uniform at home, put on his Herd and to fulfill the mission to stand out among the rest of the people, he took a marker to paint the number 2 and the surname of a young man. As if that wasn’t enough, he brought a banner with the caption “a young manI skipped school because of you.

Both actions had their effect and did not go unnoticed Alainwho not only came to sign her jersey and take a souvenir photo, but also decided to surprise her… How?

Well, he asked one of the team props to immediately go to the locker room to get a game jersey to give it to him, which brought tears of emotion to our Chiva Hermana.

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