The jewels of Chivas Sub18 that point to the first team

The jewels of Chivas Sub18 that point to the first team

Chivas recently placed second in a prestigious international tournament at youth level

Chivas It is considered one of the main youth training teams and in its ranks there are football players called to become its next stars, who are starting to give something to talk about at the level of core strengths.

A year ago, the Sacred Flock was twice crowned champion of the Sub16 category and within this same generation, certain elements begin to shine not only in the tournament of the category, but also in the International Tournament of the forces of base, in which they finished as the best Mexican team and concluded the tournament as runners-up, losing in the final against Atlético de Madrid.

The technician Luis Peña knows in depth the work carried out in Chivas, since since 2009 he has lived two stages with the Guadalajara team. In addition, he saw his team crowned double champions and currently accompanies this litter as a team manager.

The strategist fully trusts his elements and pointed out that at least three players have enough quality not only to reach the first division, but also to follow in the European footsteps as Carlos Vela, Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernández, Carlos Salcido, Marco Fabian or Carlos Salcedo.

“Speaking of the 2005 category, there are players who could be better in the future than the ones we have in the first team at the moment. From what I’ve seen and I know, I think they have a long career and they have to give Chivas. We have different players and we press them,” he said. ESPN Digital.

In addition, he affirmed that the rojiblanco team has not lost its DNA in the formation of the elements and that they are working to give success to the institution.

“It is often said that Chivas he has lost his DNA, but the first thing we work with is with coaches and if there is a passive coach, because not everyone is the same, the way of leading is different, but our boss Mariano instills this DNA in us and it’s not easy but it’s to be loved and if they want and accept everything we will go out and win and that they have a security and a dedication that convinces them that they work “, he condemned.

In addition, Luis Peña gave names of youngsters who are closely followed by the first team of Chivas Directed by Ricardo Cadena.

Ariel Castro

He is the midfielder and the brains of the team in this category. Between the Apertura 2021 and the Clausura 2022 he scored 25 goals without being a centre-forward and starting as ’10’ in the Guadalajara team.

The 17-year-old midfielder is considered one of the club’s gems, he even made his debut with Expansion League side Tapatío but was also called up by coach Ricardo Cadena for training with the first team.

Osvaldo Plasencia

He is another of the midfielders in the 2005 team and is currently 16 years old. He arrived at the club in 2018, when he was 13, but he is one to follow in the future.

Hugo Camberos

The team’s centre-forward had a good tournament at Clausura 2016 and, despite only playing six games, he managed one goal per game. The striker is only 15 years old and plays with a team two years older than his category.

Francois Mendez

He is a midfielder in the team that participated in the International Base Forces Tournament and with the U16 team he has been one of the most consistent elements since he has started the 14 games he has played and scored a goal. The young man from Tepatitlán has been part of the team since he was 12 years old.

Ariel Castro mentioned ESPN Digital that the moment you are living now Chivas This serves as motivation for the youngsters as they work with more intensity to reach the first team.

“It motivates me a lot, having done a good Sub16 made me want to move forward and transcend myself. It went well for me and the time at Expansión was very nice and I want to continue, I don’t want it to be just Expansion, we all want to be in the first team and it’s a stage there, but I’m looking for the first team. It’s not bad to be at Expansión, but what better than to be where everyone wants,” he said.

In addition, he assured that the goal they currently have is to emigrate to European football and not be satisfied with the Liga MX, for which they are also inspired by other young nationals who have chosen to reach Europe via lesser-known clubs.

“It’s a good thing that it’s taken like that. Not going to a big club in Europe, but going little by little to this kind of club. What is happening with the Santos players motivates them, now Marcelo Flores playing as a starter with Daniel Aceves and the Mexican is ready to go I have spoken with my parents and at the first important opportunity that arises I want to go to Europe, as long as it is to progress I want it’s possible,” said the youngster, who is the son of Ariel Castro, a former Jaguares player in the early 2000s, while his grandfather Jesús Castro was with the Tigers in the 1970s.

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