The latest on the war between Russia and Ukraine – The Washington Post

The latest on the war between Russia and Ukraine – The Washington Post

Russian President Vladimir Putin is giving the speech as a “comprehensive report” on world politics and an opportunity to express his views as the war in Ukraine drags on.

“The ‘rules-based order’ proposed by the West is designed to allow it to live without rules at all,” he said in a speech at the Valdai Discussion Club, a Kremlin-linked think tank.

Russia “does not consider itself an enemy of the West. But there are two Wests: the traditional West, with Christian values ‚Äč‚Äčabove all, with which we share common ancient roots, and the cosmopolitan West, which is a tool of liberal elites,” he said, echoing the rhetorical tension prevailing among some American and European conservatives, his most likely audiences in countries that have taken part in Ukraine since the invasion. “No one will tolerate the dictates of this West in Russia.”

Putin appears to want to play down fears that Russia will use nuclear weapons. “We don’t need a nuclear strike on Ukraine, it doesn’t make sense, politically or militarily,” he said. But he did not back down from unsubstantiated claims that Ukraine was preparing to use a “dirty bomb” – an explosive containing radioactive material – on its soil. Kiev and Western governments have rejected the accusations, for which Moscow has not provided evidence, and warned that Moscow could use it as a pretext for escalating the war

Here’s the latest on the war and its effects around the world.

4. From our correspondents

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