The lessons left by the defeat against Paraguay

The lessons left by the defeat against Paraguay

Gerardo Martino is in the home stretch of preparation for Qatar 2022 and the loss to Paraguay has left a series of conclusions

Gerardo ‘Auntie’ Martinocoach of Mexican teamand his group of players were booed again, in Atlanta, USA, after losing 1-0 to Paraguayalthough he dominated the game and outplayed the South Americans.

The match against the same South American was “exclusive” for football players who play in Liga MX and many of them had their last chance to be considered for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, so the match , although it is far from a true test of what will be the Mexican team who will attend the World Cup, served to draw a series of conclusions in the technical staff who lead Gerard Martino.

Then, we present the conclusions left by the defeat of the Mexican team in front of his fellow Paraguay:

Mexico urgently needs a hot striker for the World Cup

The Mexican team dominated the game against Paraguaybut did not have a footballer capable of scoring in the goal of the South American team. ‘Nanny’ Martino he attempted a false nine and then a centre-forward, but neither bet equalized at least a point.

The rejection of ‘Tata’ Martino is already on both sides of the border

The “Get out ‘Auntie’!” It started on social media, then moved to the playoffs, and now it’s reverberating in stadiums across the United States. The Argentine coach himself asked for restraint on this type of claim, as he considers it affects his group of players.

Critics make the Argentine believe there is a campaign against him by former players and coaches.

Luis Chávez, César Montes and Alexis Vega ready for the World Cup

Gerard Martino He acknowledged that football players like Luis Chávez, César Montes and Alexis Vega have taken advantage of the Habs’ opportunities, so they are preparing to participate in the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

“They are footballers who have taken advantage of the opportunities of the national team,” said Martino after the defeat against Paraguay.

The end of tests and experiments

Gerard Martino recognizes that the time for testing players and experimenting with others is over, so in September it is expected that between 80 and 90% of the players who will go to Qatar 2022 will be called up, in order to have a team with the longest playing time possible preparation for their debut against Poland.

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