The LIV claims to enter the world golf rankings

The LIV claims to enter the world golf rankings

The players who make up the LIV gathered to sign a letter ask earn points by participating in tournaments of this organization. The letter was addressed to OWGR (Official World Golf Ranking)whose classification does not count None of tournaments who argue in competition funded with Saudi money. Already in July, the organization that runs the official ranking was asked to add points for playing these tournaments, but received no response.

In the letter they wanted sign The ace maximum stars that make up this competition, since not getting points would lead to golfers not being able to participate in tournaments very important, including the Olympic Games. Cameron Smith, Phil Mickelson or Bryson DeChambeau are part of names who wanted to sign the letter to preserve the “integrity” of this sport because they consider it unfair that this tournament is an exception when it has many golfers of the highest level.


Signatories of the letter addressed to the OWGR.

Golfers say they should include LIV tournaments add points because not including said competition in this ranking “would be a leave aside Belgium, Argentina and England from FIFA ranking”. “As athletes who are in the rankings, we depend on the OWGR, not only for classify the most important events, including the Major and the Olympics, but to tell us where we stand compared to our colleagues,” they say in the letter.

“We ask them urgent action to be taken suitable for include, on a retroactive basis, the results of LIV events in the OWGR. A filing without LIV would be incorrect and incomplete,” the letter adds. Moreover, he comments that “every week that passes without the inclusion of LIV athletes undermines the historical value of the OWGR. We call for a positive decision to be made as soon as possible, in the interests of the integrity of the rankings, the game and all of us who love the sport.”

The fact of not being able to score points for the ranking and staying out of the big tournaments is a tragedy for golfers who have decided to go to the competition organized by Greg Norman. In reality, the drop in positions on this list is already notorious. A concrete case was exposed in the statement of the golfers. Dustin Johnson was defined as example to demonstrate the “injustice” of this exclusion of these athletes in the standings. “Dustin Johnson was classified as 13th at the OWGR shortly before announcing that would play at LIV. Now it’s in the 22nd place despite finishing eighth, third, second and first in the first four LIV events“, they comment in the letter.

In closing, the golfers express in the letter that “fans deserve inclusive and correct ratings.” “Not including 48 of the world’s best golfers in the rankings would mean fans are being denied what they deserve“, concludes the letter.

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