The LIV continues its revolution

The LIV continues its revolution

The LIV continues to sow controversy in the world of golf. After removing several players from the PGA in recent weeks, including world No. 2 Cameron Smith, the league announced a decision that is not in line with sporting standards.

LIV CEO Greg Norman has announced via LIV’s social media that players in his competition will be able to wear shorts, which is rarely seen in sports. In the various official competitions that have taken place throughout the history of the sport, it has always been necessary to play with long trousers, the regulation golf ones. Except in exceptional circumstances.

For years the PGA had this discussion about whether shorts could be included in the dress code.since in some tournaments played in very hot areas, wearing long pants could be a problem for golfers. Only in certain tournaments where extremely high temperatures exist, the PGA has authorized the use of this type of clothing. In fact, until recently golfers were allowed to see their ankles. The circuit is quite critical of the dress code. From now on, LIV players will not have such discomfort anymore thanks to this rule.

This step is taken as the Invitational Golf takes place in Boston, where LIV’s new recruits are already present. Cameron Smith and Joaquin Niemann. The LIV continues to act to gain notoriety and new competitors while maintaining the war with the PGA with complaints and various discussions which modify the world of golf, causing tension among golfers.

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