The millionaire that Liga MX should pay for ‘hawk’s eye’

The millionaire that Liga MX should pay for ‘hawk’s eye’

The Technology little by little, it was implemented in the Liga MX and world football with the idea of ​​doing sports fairer and less controversialhowever, shared games are featured regular wayso fans ask to install the “Hawk Eye”what would a millionaire.

It was the action in National Classic by Sergio Flores and Guillermo Ochoa where we are loaded “ghost goal”which caused the arbitration experts force you to buy the crew to determine when the ball cross the entire goal line.

Screenshot of the technology command.

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How much does Hawk’s Eye cost?

Europe’s top five leagues have become the the highest aspiration of world competitionssince they have all tools available to determine the veracity of closed gamesit is therefore also used in Champions League and World Cups.

It was in the 2014 when implementing the Hawkeye at the 2014 World Cup in Brazilafter the Fifa had the idea to copy what is presented in the tennis to find out if the the ball has touched the line or gone out of boundswho was content to reduce the phantom goal chance.

Example of the Hawk’s Eye in the Premier League. Screenshot.

It’s a series of cameras and sensors which are placed in the back of goals to determine if the ball Did he cross the goal line or not?a signal sent to one of the referee watches and this can later be seen reflected in the air replays.

Despite the Advantagesnot all skills have tool because it is a significant expense per season, which is the main reason why the MX League he did not acquire it, since he alone Buy it means an investment of 100 million pesos per yearaccording to information from TUDN.

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Moreover, added to this amount, it is necessary to take into account that of the installation in first division stadiums of the competition, moreover, it is considered unhelpful due to the fact that these types of games rarely happen and that they have different cameras to determine it.

Chivas claims a lack of clarity in the piece.

However, it is parts like the National Classic those who cause fans and analysts they ask that the MX League implement the Hawk Eyesince technology would have ended the controversy over whether the soccer ball Sergio Flores overcome the reflexes Guillaume Ochoa. For more news, follow us on Google News.

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