The millions of dollars that were not used by the Pumas

The millions of dollars that were not used by the Pumas

cougars continue with a bad step in the Opening 2022 and University fans increasingly miss Alfredo Talavera. There are already 21 goals conceded by the team of Andres Lillinialso adding those who nailed them so much Vigo Celtic like him Barcelona, a figure that had not been seen in the regular phase since Opening 2002when they had conceded only one more goal by reaching the 11th day.

With the goals conceded, the feline fans began to lament the departure of the Aztec goalkeeper, who FC Juarez seems to have regained a certain regularity, since he conceded only 10 goals in 11 games, which leaves Julio González and Gil Alcalá, who have conceded 21 goals since the start of the tournament, which makes cougars in one of the teams with the most goals Opening 2022.

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2 million pesos would have separated the former university goalkeeper to pursue another season with the cougars. However, it is clear that not all goals are the responsibility of the goalkeepers because if the defense does not collaborate it is difficult for the goalkeeper, which gives more merit to the figures he has achieved in the Closing 2022, where he scored 16 goals.

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Defensive errors are no secret, because the same Andres Lillini He explained that the whole defensive system, not just the defense, was one of the weakest things. August was a month of a lot of wear and tear and little time to improve the flaws, so with a week to prepare for the weekend duel, hopefully they can improve the poor results.

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Pedregal’s overall performance has not been good at all and the numbers prove it. In 11 games, the Auriazules obtained only nine points and, not finding victory, fell to the bottom of the table, which was not expected given the hierarchy of reinforcements that arrived in the last transfer market .

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