The most Mexican? The incredible fact in which America surpasses Chivas

The most Mexican? The incredible fact in which America surpasses Chivas

America reaps records of all kinds in the Apertura 2022.

América outperforms Chivas in several areas.
© Media hourAmérica outperforms Chivas in several areas.

Despite the fact that he had encounters with a higher level of play, America he got what he was looking for and once again earned all three National Classic points. At Azteca Stadium, he won by 2 to 1 a Chivas and claimed his leadership, while extending his incredible eleven-game no-fall streak to one more game.

The duel had all the makings of Mexico’s most heated game, which began long before kickoff. In the previous one, Cristian Calderón, Alexis Vega and Fernando Beltrán had pointed out that El Rebaño is bigger than Las Águilas and that they were confident in beating them as a visitor.

However, victory once again goes to the Coapa team, along with an incredible record: with the annotations of Henry Martín and Alejandro Zendejas, he reaffirmed his superiority in the goals converted by the Mexicans. In total, the Aztec elements of Los Azulcremas scored 18 times out of 36 in total, while El Rebaño scored 16 times out of 18 in total, for their national players, the only ones who can compose their team.

The Mexican scorers of each team

american player Goals
Henry Martin ten
Alexander Zendejas 5
savior kings 1
Jonathan Dos Santos 1
emilio lara 1
Chivas player Goals
Zaldivar Angel 4
Alexis Vega 3
Robert Alvarado 2
Christian Calderon 1
Jesus Orozco 1
louis olives 1
Fernando Beltran 1
Carlos Cisneros 1
Sebastien Bouquet 1
Zahid Munoz 1

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