The new electrical part of the Ferrari engine could not be evaluated

The new electrical part of the Ferrari engine could not be evaluated

Ferrari’s lack of pace at Spa-Francorchamps made it impossible to appreciate the performance of the new MGU-K that Charles Leclerc has created. The newly homologated unit, which is the one that must be used, without modifications, until the end of the regulations in force.

Carlos Sainz had already released an improved unit a few dates ago, with solid-state batteries that improve recharging speed, and late last year he changed the system to 800 volts.

This is why, in the last evolution of this element, we sought above all to gain weight. In fact, with the power of the MGU-K being limited, there was nowhere to get the weight gain. But the gain in weight – and perhaps in volume – of the package should be used to better distribute the weight, but above all to approach the minimum weight limit established in the regulations because today all the cars are above the weight.

The trial of the improvement remains for Monza, where it is possible that Sainz will release it as well, penalizing. Nothing could be seen at Spa due to Ferrari’s problems. They lacked balance, downforce and “ate” the tyres, which prevented Charles Leclerc from coming back like those from Maranello were expecting.

It should not be forgotten. Leclerc could not return to the place he was waiting for. At most until fourth place ahead of Fernando Alonso, if they hadn’t had to go into the final moments to change tyres, which Leclerc didn’t want.

Changing tires to find the fastest lap? It’s possible, although with the time that Max Verstappen had set it wasn’t going to be easy or with new tires and because there was the possibility of starting behind Fernando Alonso… it happened .

From that moment, it was clear that doing the fastest lap was a failure… but at least they managed not to lose the two points that Fernando snatched from them for a few moments… until the penalty for excessive speed in the pits have arrived.

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