The other candidate – Christian Martinoli

The other candidate – Christian Martinoli

America takes the limelight for an automated case of Mexican soccer. His remarkable streak draws powerful attention and it is not for less; however, Monterrey so far hasn’t hurt at all.

Vucetich even feels that the stands are more convinced of his project every day, and it seems that little by little the murmur with the taste of doubt transforms it into a warm applause of reconciliation, yes, we know that if there is no championship, there will be no standing ovation for Rayados.

Expensive and vast campus, designed for everything and against everyone, half of the royal capital is already tired and for them to pass more than four tournaments without lifting the title seems like an eternity, considering that for a few decades their mass pay not come down from third place in the League.

Excuses do not exist within a sporting entity with several national teams and which does not speculate by seeking the best foreigners proven in local football, so patience is not a virtue which should be demanded of the public who travels to Guadalupe Field.

With the absence of Funes Mori, Berterame and Aguirre have more than paid the way and have become a duo of national interest.

Luis Romo, little by little, wants to return to the level that made him dress in green, while Meza, when he wants, makes a significant difference in the game of his team accompanied by the continuous resurgence of “Ponchito” Gonzalez.

Vucetich knows he has a lot of spares and at the moment he hasn’t speculated if any footballer gives him three bad games in a row and so he feels it regardless of his name.

It seems that “King Midas” has finally found the value of internal competition and that his team has understood it, because it goes without saying that the management of Monterrey spoiled the wealthy player too much, thus generating a bad habit that Víctor Manuel seems to be about to eradicate

For now, Rayados will qualify directly for the league and there, as we will always see, if he is able to show hierarchy heads-up. Everyone is talking about America, but Monterrey is the other candidate.


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