The Porsche-Red Bull deal is cooling down and there is a deadline: September 15

The Porsche-Red Bull deal is cooling down and there is a deadline: September 15

F1 wants 2026 drivers registered by September 15

Horner assures that there are still “details to be clarified”

Audi created a surprise at Spa by announcing its entry into Formula 1, although some details remain to be announced, such as the agreement with Sauber. The surprise was that the brand with the rings was ahead of Porsche because the whole paddock was convinced that the agreement between the Stuttgart brand and Red Bull had already been concluded and only the official announcement remained.

However, at the last moment, some differences seem to have emerged between the two parties. More specifically, it seems that Red Bull is not willing to sell 50% of the shares of Red Bull Technologies to the German brand and that the marriage will not be consummated because one of the parties does not seem to be for the “yes, I want’ or not, he agrees with the prenuptial clauses…despite the fact that it was already arranged by the ‘parents’.

There are many details to clarify with Porsche. It’s welcome, but these questions are not simple and we hope that in the end everything will end in a positive way,” Christian Horner said when asked why the announcement was delayed.

According to AMUS, Dietrich Mateschitz, the big boss of Red Bull, agrees to sell 50% of the shares of Red Bull Technologies, but Horner, Dr. Marko and Adrian Newey want to retain their independence or, at least, have the decision-making power. , while Porsche cannot leave the decisions entirely in the hands of Red Bull.

On the other hand, Red Bull has already made a big investment in Red Bull Technologies, where 300 people work – more than Audi plans to enlist – and has already put a “single-cylinder” version of the 2026 engine on the dyno. essay to study how the subject should be.

The creation of this company was a necessity when Honda announced its departure from Formula 1. Red Bull does not want to return to the status of “client” team that it had with Renault and Ferrari – although in the case of the French brand was a preferential clientele and on the contrary, it is enchanting with Honda.

“Now we can build our own engine and we would be like Ferrari, the only two teams to manufacture the car under one roof,” they pointed out from Red Bull. Mercedes has two separate divisions, the Team/Chassis division and the Powertrains division, one in Brackley and the other in Brixworth. They are not far apart, but there is no physical contact between them.

The solution, one way or another, has to be quick. The FIA ​​wants before September 15 motorists who are in Formula 1 in 2026 have submitted their firm registration. Any delay would mean that entry could not be effective until 2027.

This period also applies to Red Bull. The decision must therefore be imminent for them. Horner isn’t afraid to have his own engine, “because the budget cap for engines puts us in a similar situation to all of us.”

And there is a significant fringe. The new rules establish a ‘budget bonus’ for new motorists. A “premium” of 25 million in three years halved for “used motorists”. Something that was introduced because we didn’t want Red Bull to have that advantage if they took advantage of Honda’s engine ‘intellectual property’.

On the other hand, Porsche awaits IPO and that implies a lack of making big decisions and that’s it, so the decision deadline shouldn’t be past September 10th.

What Audi has announced is its entry as a motorist, leaving aside the purchase of the majority of Saubers for later. Porsche does not have this asset and negotiating an Audi-type deal with another team – Red Bull is obviously not for sale – does not seem to be an option at the moment.
Thus, there are fifteen days left during which there will be much to say.

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