The resurgence of Thiem –

The resurgence of Thiem –

As world number 3 and in a formidable final against Zverev. The then 27-year-old Austrian gave all tennis fans a great match and was proclaimed US Open champion. Dominic Thiem became a Grand Slam champion for the first time and everything indicated that it would be the first of a long series for the level indicated in the competition. But what Thiem couldn’t know was that he would henceforth sink into an abyss from which it would be very difficult to ascend.

His downfall wouldn’t specifically start after that US Open final, Thiem continued to perform at a high level after completing the said Grand Slam. His descent from heaven to earth would be given in 2021. The year that put an end to the great career that was expected of the Austrian. In June, During a match against Adrián Mannarino, Thiem felt immense pain in his wrist. Specifically a muscle tear.

An injury that kept him away from the track for a long time. The Austrian decided not to have an operation and treated the injury while resting. Which didn’t go as planned. There was finally nine months where he was unable to pick up a racquet and where Thiem had a very bad time. went from being number 3 in the world currently ranked number 231.

Back on the slopes

In Marbella, March 29, 2022, Dominic Thiem returned to compete. He returned to the tracks after spending many months recuperating and despite repeatedly saying his comeback would be extended for longer. Thiem lost to Pedro Cachín in three setsbut that didn’t matter. The Austrian once again set foot on a tennis court and everything that came later was a blessing for him.

From there Thiem continued to work to return to competition as the best. Despite the defeat in the following tournaments he played in the first rounds, he continued to prepare to try to show a good level in the different Grand Slams. At Roland Garros he was eliminated in the first round, and at Wimbledon he did not participate in the tournament. However, he now has a new challenge ahead of him which makes him more excited than any other.

Back to the US Open

Two years later, Thiem returns to the stage where he is crowned champion. He does this after going through extremely difficult times and he does this as a guest so as not to have the pressure of having to obtain an important position.

The Austrian takes this tournament as a new opportunity to return to what he was. He knows that in recent tournaments he has not been able to be at the level of the best and he knows perfectly well what his position in the Grand Slam is. “There is a big difference between Medvedev, Rafa and me because they are maybe the big favorites for the title. I’m just one of hundreds of “intruders”. They had a great year, they played a Grand Slam final against each other and they played throughout the year. I, on the other hand, am coming back little by little. But stay, I am very proud to be in this small circle of players“, assured Thiem in an interview for

Thiem will also have a birthday in the middle of the tournament. There are 29 that he does and he thinks that the term Next Gen no longer corresponds to him in a certain way. “I am no longer young or at least not Next Gen. Over the past few years, I’ve always felt that I was growing up, that I still belonged to the Next Gen. But it really changed, I have experience, I have been on the circuit for 10 years. Those things have changed and I hope I can make the most of it.

Dominic Thiem is looking to re-enter the top 100. His ordeal seems to be coming to an end and he is once again enjoying tennis. Now, will try to get a good feel for the US Open, the place where he became champion and where he hopes to find his best version.

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